Mohawk Fiberglass Canoes

We at CLASSFIVE Boats have been building Mohawk fiberglass canoes for 3 yrs now, and are the only Manufacurer of genuine Mohawk fiberglass designs. All our molds came from Mohawk in Longwood , Fla and are one of a kind.

We also produce the “Elite” series of Kevlar canoes in the same designs. Thanks for letting us post here.

Victor Barnett


Mohawk fibeglass canoes

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Are any of your molds
of the old Jensen designs?

Class Five= serious whitewater?
Which of the Mohawk designs do you produce?

boat designs

At this time we have no Jensen design molds.

The Mohawk models we produce are:

Blazer 16

Blazer 17

Giude 17

Slipper 13’ sq back

16’ sq back

Pac 10.5’

Sportsman 14’

Manatee 14’


11’4" Gauley Whitewater composite Canoe( due

to be inproduction in sept )

and several whitewater C1’s

Thanks for the interest.

Victor Barnett


Mohawk Fiberglass Canoes

423 774 0246