Mohawk Intrepid?

I am new to this site but love the advice folks give. I recently ordered a Mohawk from Stuart (the new owner) in Florida. The customer service has been OUTSTANDING and I can’t wait to paddle my my new Intrepid 16. While I have seen Mohawk Canoes on the water for years and have paddled several of their solo boats the Intrepid will be new to me.

Does anybody out there have some insight as to what this boat will be “good” for. I am currently planning on small flatwater trips with my wife… However I would like to have more info on what it’s limitations are. Any info on the boat is appreciated!

Never paddled one, but…
First off, be sure to check p-nets product reviews --right over there on the left near the bottom between classified ads and message boards. Three users have posted reviews, generally positive.

I believe that my canoing mentor paddled an Intrepid. I just looked at some old pictures and can’t pick up any insignia on the boat, probably covered by the 3" white stripe painted below the gunwale on Roger’s boat. Anyway he had paddled for over 50 years and wrote the guidebook on Virginia rivers. Roger often kept his boat on the van, and I once asked him if he worried about UV damage. “Nah, I wear the bottoms off before the UV can do much damage.” I just throw that in as a testament that the guy paddled alot, and probably had owned or paddled a large number of boats during his paddling career. That he favored Mohawk’s Intrepid says to me that it is a good boat. Roger paddled mostly…exclusively at least in his later years when I knew him, moving water, class I - III.

It’s probably a good boat for your uses.

~~Chip Walsh, Gambrills, MD

Thanks for the info!
Chip, Thanks for the input. I succesfully found the product reveiws which does help some. I have been out of the boating scene for a while but it seems that Mohawk isn’t as recommended as they once were. I will try and write a review on the boat if I do anything more that float with a fishing pole. Thanks again!