Mohawk is now taking orders...

I know that they have raised the prices somewhat. Not sure how much yet. And last I talked to the owner (before they moved shop) he mentioned going to only R-84.

Depending on the price (and how it paddles) I’m looking at a Odyssey 15. My other option is a Wenonah Argosy. I tried calling to get a price and some more info, but didn’t get an answer. I’m going to keep trying!


did they move to? It’s kind of sad driving through Longwood these days, and not seeing them there.


It looks like Stuart
has been updating the website. I notice that it shows 10 solo 14’s available in red and that boats will be listed as they are available.

…pretty sure they moved to Little Rock. If you look at their models, they have several that show in stock, and have updated prices.

They still have the original prices at the bottom.


I’m naked too.

I copied this from the ACC board. The price question is answered here. The boats are now being mfgr. in Fort Smith, ARK.

I recieved this e-mail this weekend…

Good Afternoon .

I wanted to provide you with an update regarding Mohawk Canoes:

My name is Stuart Gonzales. I am the new owner of Mohawk Canoe. Mohawk

will continue to be owned by paddlers for paddlers!! I do have a business

partner who is also an avid boater. Here’s a little information regarding


I also wanted to let you know that Mohawk will be up an running new boats

within the next month, so if you or any of your friends are looking for a

new canoe, please check out Mohawk. Currently we have a select number of

Mohawk Canoes available on the website, including some Intrepid 16’s and

Nova 17’s. These Mohawks are green in color, and available. Mohawk is now

taking orders for our full-line of Mohawk Canoes!! We are introducing the

Mohawk Canoe back to the public with 2005 prices – that’s right, we are not

increasing the price of your favorite brand!! I hope that this gives some

additional incentive to take a look at Mohawk again!! If you have any

further questions, give us a call at the shop during office hours (M - F, 8A

  • 4P):

    (877) CANOE29 – (877) 226 - 6329 OR address e-mails to

    Again, thanks for your interest in Mohawk Canoes!

    Stuart Gonzales

    President, CEO

    Mohawk Manufacturing Company

    Parent of Mohawk Canoes