Mohawk Odyssey 14.2 years in production

I’m in search of a good Mohawk Odyssey RX 14.2 solo canoe, but I’m wondering what years it was in production. And what did Mohawk call its predecessor?

Dave Redmon

Don’t know the answers, but it is a fine and capable canoe for a variety of water.

Over the years I have owned 3 different Mohawk Odyssey.
I still own the one I bought shortly before Mohawk stopped making Royalex canoes.
To my knowledge, the Odyssey never had a a"predecessor".
In my opinion, a canoe that was “similiar” to the Mohawk Odyssey was the Mohawk Solo 14.
I also owned a Solo 14. My wife loved it; I thought the Odyssey a much better boat. More manueverability.

Years of Odyssey production: I have no idea, wonder why it would be of concern???
Easy way to find out possible, Mohawk predecessors, and years of Odyssey manufacture would probably be to contact Mohawk.


It’s predecessor was the Challenger. I got mine new in the late 80’s. Fantastic solo boat. I will never get rid of it.

My Odyssey (later named Odyssey 14) was made in 1996. One of the reviews of the Odyssey on this website also mentions the Challenger as the predecessor. Not sure what that even means.