Mohawk Odyssey 15 solo ?

Anybody ever own or paddle one of these? I’m sure it’s dry enough and manueverable enough for the class I and II rivers I run, but how fast will it be and how well will it track on the flat stretches? It’s the sleekest and least rockered of any of the Mohawk solos. Any thoughts?

Odyssey 15

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I have paddled the Odyssey 15 on quite a few occasions; have owned several other Mohawk canoes, including a Solo 14, and 2 different Odyssey 14. Still have one of the Odyssey 14.

My comments are based on the assumption that you are considering it as strictly a solo boat.

If you are considering purchasing a used Odyssey 15, and it is in excellent condition, priced very reasonably/cheap, and you want to get out on the water really bad, go ahead & get it. Wouldn't be too bad for a learner boat; until your skill level improves, and/or you're ready for a better, and probably, more expensive boat. It would be ok on class I & II. It is reasonably stable, tracks reasonably well, carries a good load,and is reasonably manueverable if you know & use correct paddle strokes. It doesn't have much glide; you will have to "keep stroking" or it will quickly go dead in the water. It is fairly heavy, and it will not be very fast. It will take a lot of abuse.

If I were searching for a "dedicated" solo boat, and had the money & patience; I'd pass on the Odyssey 15, and search for a Mad River Guide/Freedom Solo, Bell Wildfire/Yellowstone Solo, Mohawk Odyssey 14 or Solo 14. My opinion is based on my experience with, and ownership of all of the boats suggested. I sold the Solo 14; liked the hull, but didn't like the lightweight layup for Ozark river bashing.


Odyssey 15
Thanks for the comments. I’m a fairly experienced paddler with alot of flatwater and downriver experience. I currently own a mohawk 17’ 4" fiberglass boat. I’ve previuosly owned kevlar Jensen designed marathon canoes that I did flatwater and downriver racing with in up to mild class II stuff.

I thought the Odyssey 15 should be alot faster than the 14 ft version since it has only 1/2 the amount of rocker, is a foot longer, and is the same width (30.6") at the waterline.

Is this not true?

I won’t address the issue of hull design, or which boat will outrun another. You may be right; the 15 might be faster. I will leave that argument to others.

I am not interested in speed/racing; I am more concerned about manueverability.

I will say this; I don’t believe that a Mohawk Odyssey 15 will run off & leave any of the boats I mentioned, if they are being paddled by a competent paddler, on a narrow, winding, boulder strewn, class I & II river in the Ozarks. Might be a fun race though.


It Aint No Jensen
I’ve only paddled the Odyssey 15 once, but the word that comes to my mind is “Bland.” If you’re used to sleek, playfull hulls, this boat will be boring for you. Bob can correct me if I’m wrong, but my impression of this hull is a boat to load with a few days gear and paddle down an easy class I river, maybe catch a few fish; nothing fancy. I owned a Solo 14, and have paddled the Odyssey 14, and liked both boats. The Odyssey 15 just didn’t “Do” anything for me. WW

…is the only way to get one now. Mohawk has ceased production and the new ones are all gone. I was lucky and got the last Odyssey 14-footer they had. Sure hate to see them go.


bland canoe
You’re probably right about this. I’m used to paddling long, sleek, fast boats. This will be the first solo boat I’ve ever owned. I have paddled some of my marathon boats solo in some races (try taking an 18’6" boat with low sides and no rocker downriver paddling alone - quite an experience).

I want something that is more manueverable and dryer than the canoes I’m used to but one that is still efficient in the long, flat stretches. Also need one that fits within the 16% width to length guidelines for standard canoes in the local races.

The 15 ft Odyssey is pretty close to these specs. and has very little rocker, so I assumed it would track well compared to the Mad rivers and Old towns that frequent these races. They tend to be wider and more rockered than the Odyssey 15.

What boats would you recommend?