Mohawk pack or youth canoe?

I’m looking at this Mohawk canoe locally. The seller is saying it’s a youth canoe. It looks like a regular pack canoe to me, since is has no seats. Is there any difference?

And also how would this compare to to more modern pack canoe? I don’t need anything Uber light like Kevlar etc. just something that paddles nice.

It’s fiberglass and 10’ 6” long. Here are some pics.

I found this other thread. It says in the catalog they called it a child’s canoe, so maybe that’s what the seller was talking about.

I take it from the lack of responses that this isn’t a well known, or well made canoe? Basically it’s sitting on Craigslist about 45 min away from me for 75$.
I was interested in it for a second canoe that either my wife or one of my older kids could use. Or maybe even I could fit in it (I’m 6’ and 185 lbs).

For $75 I’d take it. Make a decent canoe for company if nothing else

Yeah it’s tempting to buy it just because it’s cheap. I don’t want to end up a boat hoarder though. I already have 2 sailboats, 2 canoes, and 3 kayaks.

I like that it’s lighter and more portable than my bigger canoes…

I guess my main question is, is this canoe usable for someone bigger than a child?

I’ve never seen one of these before. Definitely in the realm of a Pack Canoe. It looks like Mohawk’s take on a Wee Lassie. Absolutely usable for an adult, but keep in mind that boats like these are usually paddled with a kayak paddle from a low seat or pad on the floor.

I’d never seen one of these before, and now here’s another one for sale (doesn’t look like the same one). This one is in TX.