Mohawk Pack

-- Last Updated: Sep-10-07 3:20 PM EST --

I just acquired a fiberglass Mohawk Pack in pretty good shape. Other than a chalky finish and a few scrapes and small gouges, it's in pretty good shape. I plan to make refinishing it a project for my 14 year-old son and me.

My other boat is a 17' Grumman Eagle. So as a family of 5, we'll probably have 4 in the Grumman and one in the Mohawk.

Here's my question: Is it safe for me to put a seat in the Mohawk for my son to paddle solo? I don't think he'd be able to deal with kneeling for an extended period.

If yes, is there an aftermarket seat that will drop in/bolt on without drilling, etc?

I'd appreciate any advice.