Mohawk Quality

-- Last Updated: Oct-12-07 2:54 AM EST --

I've been looking looking at the Odyssey 14 for a while.
Can anyone tell me if the quality of their boats has suffered or benefitted from the change of ownership and mfg. location that occurred?

I doubt that enough time has passed
for people to form an opinion on this. One can judge the quality of gunwale work and seats, but it takes time and punishment to learn whether the Royalex is planned and molded properly.

before they were sold and when they were based out of Longwood florida i had one, It was nearly 24 years old when i sold it and it was still in good condition, scratched all to heck but otherwise sound.

Yeah, I never heard any general
problems with the old Mohawk Royalex boats. They had a good rep for durability.