Mohawk Solo 13 or 14

I’m a sea kayaker about to buy a canoe. Looking at Mahawk Solo 13 or 14. I want to learn a little freestyle canoe and just mess around. I’m 180 lb.

If I’m going fast or far it will be in another boat.

Thinking 13 would be more manuverable and OK at my weight.

Any advice from freestlyers out there?


Ask pblanc
Pete probably knows.

I’m pretty sure he weighs less than you do, but in any case, he can make his Solo 13 dance pretty nicely.

How tall?
First off, I’ve never been in a Solo 13, so I am speaking out of school. I’m 180#, and 6 feet. 13 foot boats (like the Flash Fire) are kind of tight on me. The Solo 13 is a little wider, so it might make a good freestyle boat for you.

That doesn’t mean a shorter boat isn’t fun for freestyle. They have some benefits, but more limitations on what I can do with them.

How Tall?
5’ 8"


Mohawk Solo 13 & 14
I’ve owned & paddled both; neither are boats that I would consider buying for use as a freestyle solo.

I did NOT say they “couldn’t” be used for freestyle; I said I wouldn’t personally buy either for use as a freestyle solo.

If someone chooses to use an 18 foot, square back Grumman as a freestyle canoe; they could certainly do that. That does NOT mean that it would be an ideal, or even a good choice.

The Solo 13 & 14 were designed as recreationl canoes; they can both do pretty well at that. Great for day trips, or overnighters. In Royalex, both will take a lot of abuse, and last for many years with minimal care.

If I were seriously interested in learning to do freestyle, and was your height & weight; I’d try to find a used Bell Flashfire, or Wildfire, in decent condition, at a reasonable price.

Good luck with that!


Thanks folks-

A little clarification. I don’t expect to be a serious freestyler. I would like to learn a little just to have some fun and I think it would improve my kayak paddling.

I’m looking at the Mohawk Solos because they seem to be quite reasonably priced and of fairley good quality for the price. If I get bit hard by the freestyle bug, I can always get another boat and would know more about it by then.

So, at 5’ 8", 180 lb - with too much of it around the waist - and the intended use: Am I better off to get the 13 or the 14?


just speaking out my butt
I’d go with the 13. Tommy Hagg does some wonderful freestyle in a 9’ lol.

New or used?

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The factory price for new is pretty good. get a blem hull and save a few bucks. picked mine up from factory so cant comment on shipping cost. the Mohawk plant is in chatanooga Tn.

Moha 13
at your height and weight should do nicely. I think the 14 would be a bit large. I’ve done a lot of FS in my 13 footer. Oddly enough it’s a bit harder due to lower secondary stability than other designs, but one can get used to that. It’s a good compromise price-wise as well. The better hulls for FS tend to be niche market designs and expensive.

My experience
I am your size and currently own a solo 13 as well as a Flashfire. I think the solo 13 is pleanty big for you. It also isn’t a half bad freestyle boat. Tom Mckenzie used to use them as loaner boats for teaching freestyle. The solo 13 reminds me of a higher volume, less responsive Flashfire. I use mine a lot on bonyer streams where I don’t want to scratch the Flash. A great boat for the money,but some ugly colors.


yep…both the 13 and the 14 defy
their boxy shape by actually being heeling friendly. I hope production continues. Some of my FreeStyle students have a budget and both serve them well being a decent boat for a decent price.

You are 13 height.

Thanks all
Thanks all.

Calling Mohawk today to order a Solo 13.