mohawk solo 14 fiberglass/layup help

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Howdy all I haven't posted in a while. here's a link for a Mohawk solo 14 FG. If anyone can help me identify how this layup is made and does it include a bit of chopper gun throughout and in the ends as well.
it's for sale in my neck of the woods here in NJ. trying to find out an approximate weight and any other info any of you fine knowledgeable folks may have on this hull. the price seems high but I know very little about mohawks cept they were affordable and decent for their time. I'm still
without a solo after a long on going recovery from back surgery just trying to
get something to get back on the water..
thanks to any takers regards Ed

Not a Solo 14. About 50 lbs.
It is a solo and 14’, but not a Solo 14. I don’t know the actual model.

I owned one for a couple weeks last summer. Bought it without test paddling, which turned out to be a mistake. I paid $450 for it and sold it for $350 because I discovered that multiple leaks that I was unable to track down and the new owner was more motivated to solve that problem.

I’m 5’6" and 165 lbs and it was too wide for me at the waterline and at the gunwales.

It also wasn’t as maneuverable as I prefer. The actual royalex Solo 14 is, in my estimation a better boat.

The price isn’t bad, but I personally would pass on it, unless you test paddled it and like it. Everybody has different boat fit and handling requirements.

Good luck in your search.

Thanks Yanoer

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The guy said the max center width is 32"
no identifying markings, the large squared ribs inside are something I haven't seen before.If it's 50lbs or less I should be ok width my back.
I did search here a bit and gathered a little info on Mohawk layups. gotta take it for a paddle and go from there. price is too high for any issues. problems etc. dont want a chopper gun
I'm guessing it's from the early 80's mabe someone
will recognize those squares and check in.

I think it might be chopper gun.


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I don't know about that particular boat, but I had a 14' Mohawk solo for a little bit that was mostly woven roving on the inside with some chopper gun stuff sprayed over the top or in spots, I forget exactly 'cuz its been a few years. It didn't seem to be too terribly heavy to me. Certainly not the lightest boat on the market, but I didn't think it was too bad. IIRC it was probably under 50 lbs. The one I had was a Gene Jensen design and was a pleasant boat to paddle.

If the boat is in decent shape I don't think the price is out of line. It was probably only a $600-700 boat to start with, so it seems a bit overpriced, but if you look at the ads you can see that prices on used boats have gone up quite a bit the last few years. If you could get them to come down $50 it would probably be about right. BTW, I just went back and looked at the second photo and it looks like the gel coat might be suffering from a bit of oxidation. You might want to take a look at it and make sure it is in tolerable condition. Just my opinion.

Although typical Mohawk FG layup
of that era was kind of heavy and stiff, it was fairly durable. A friend had a 16’ Mohawk that she used on easy whitewater, and she never had a serious repair, in spite of thumping over many ledges.

Thanks Dave
mabe there’s hope for the Mohawk, you’re right, used

prices sure have gone up

Though it might be on the heavy side
In your travels have you seen a layup with a large

square rib pattern like that. C2g mentioned a roving

layup,I’ve read of it but never to my knowledge have seen it.

I don’t recall the interior, even though
I have a woven roving boat by another manufacturer. And I don’t recall prominent ribs, though we tandem paddled the boat down Chattooga 2 on one occasion. The owner of the boat has “passed” and the boat has disappeared, probably into landfill.

Just an FYI, I had a Mohawk…
…FG 16’ dual seat, bought new in 1973. It was layup (not chopper gun) and was a good product. BUT, it was NOT light. I would question your 50# estimate for that 14’ model ?? BTW, you might check Dick’s Sporting Goods & Bass Pro…you’ll find that NEW (ABS) canoes aren’t much more than that used FG. Good luck !!

I think the model is a Mohawk Challenger
I have one in Royalex that’s my favorite grab-n-go canoe.

I weighed mine to be 50 lbs.
It’s the same boat in the link in the OP.