mohawk solo canoes

Well, I have narrowed down my choices on a solo canoe, and it’s between a mohawk solo 14 and a odyssey 14. The solo 14 comes in camo color which I think would look pretty cool, but of course looks are not everything. The web site did not help much, and calling them just got me more turned around. If someone could tell me the real difference between them I would be ecstatic. Thank you.


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The Odyssey is a little deeper and has a bit more flair in the bow. It's also a touch longer.

I'd get the Odyssey but I'm a big dude with a lot of gear. The hull profile looks similar with the Odyssey being a little more rockered. The deeper boat will be a bit dryer and feel like you have more freeboard when loaded with gear.

If you paddle more calm class I-II streams then the solo will be great if you like a little bit more turniness then the Odyssey. I'm not sure why the solo is so much cheaper but that could be a factor as well.

They are both nice boats. If I had one in hand and had to wait for the other I'd take the one they had in stock as there isn't to much difference.



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The Odyssey 14 should be more maneuverable since it has significantly more rocker, and the rocker "starts" farther from the ends (in other words, the straight-keeled portion of the bottom is longer on the Solo 14). The Odyssey 14 also has somewhat higher sides.

The general trend I've seen is that for rapids and twisty-turny stuff, people seem more likely to choose the Odyssey 14, and for more relaxed use, the Solo 14, though that's based on a pretty limited pool of observation.

By the way, I looked at the website and both models are shown as being available in either standard Royalex or Rolalex lite. I understand that the lightweight material is more flexible, and I know two people who've tried it and didn't like it very much at all, in part because of that. I'd recommend plain old Royalex.

Odyssey vs Solo 14

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I've owned & paddled both canoes.
I had an Odyssey in Royalex, and a Solo 14 in Royalite. I turned the Solo 14 loose. I still have an Odyssey, my second one.

The Odyssey is definitely more manueverable.
The Solo 14 may track better, but the improvement in tracking is minimal at best.

I would go with the Royalex layup whatever canoe you choose.

In my opinion, the Royalite layup will not stand up to abuse over the long haul as well as Royalex.
This is especially true if you are going to be paddling on shallow rivers with rocky ledges, a gravel or rock bottom, and a few boulders thrown in for good measure.

Anyone who can deal with the weight of a Solo 14 or Odyssey in Royalite can deal with the few extra pounds of the same canoes in Royalex.

Take 2 paddlers of extra strength & skill; put one in a Royalite Solo 14, and the other in a Royalex Odyssey 14.
The paddler in the Solo 14 will not take off & leave the Odyssey paddler behind.

Bottom line: I'd prefer a little more manueverability, and durability to lightness & tracking if I were going to spend most of my paddling time on moving water rivers.


I had a Solo 13 for many years
and took it mostly on Ozark streams. I didn’t paddle it much at home because the whitewater I do at home (not the same as saying there isnt tough stuff in the Ozarks…I just didnt do it) is some tougher and more technical.

The Solo 14 is suprisingly versatile. If you have a flatwater bent its very good. Many people use it or the Solo 13 to learn FreeStyle with while they save up for a Loon Works masterpiece.

The Solo series at least has fine stability. Dont be deceived by the bottom shape. It looks boxy but its not that slow.

I would go with Royalex though unless one of your criteria is the weight. Sometimes a few lbs DOES matter if you have trouble getting it on your car. Better to get a boat you will enjoy using and transporting.

For more serious WW I would go with the Odyssey.

My Solo 14
is a surfing dream boat. Don’t know if that is what they had in mind for design, but this thing will surf the slightest inkling of a swell. Holds a nice load. Not slow, not fast. Good fishing boat. 1 and 2 rivers are easy and fun. Go with the regular Royalex in either. The Lite is a bit lighter than I had hoped.

Owned a Solo 14 For Years
Have paddled the Odyssey a few times, but spent hundreds of hours in a Solo 14. No use repeating what’s been said so far, but here’s my opinions in no particular order.

1-If my trips would be mostly day trips or the occasional overnight, the Solo 14 would be fine. Heavier loads the Odyssey would be my choice.

2-The Solo 14 will be wet and swamp more easily in waves (been there, done that more than once). If you will do Class II with any frequency, the Odyssey is better.

3-Solo 14 is a nice “Fishing” and “Photography” boat without being a “Dog” to paddle. Comfortable for new solo paddlers, but maybe a bit too “Tame” for serious paddlers. It suited me fine.

4-Royalex. It’s worth a few extra lbs. I had the royalite and had pretty much 'glassed the entire hull by the time I sold it. The 39 lbs was nice in the beginning, but it weighed more than the royalex version by the time I’d added the skid plates and layers of fiberglass to repair the thin vinyl of the royalite hull.

The Solo 14 is a nice boat, and I’d kind of like to have that camo model myself. But if I needed the boat for heavier water and multi day trips, the Odyssey would be the better boat. WW

whatever you get
can you let us know what your experience with Mohawk is? Thanks. Been a few horror stories lately, hoping things have changed.

horror stories
What kind of horror stories have you heard!!!

Quality, customer service
Click Paddling.Net and search for Mohawk Canoe Quality in the Google search box below and you will find some of the prior posts.

I do think that you need to take this stuff with a grain of salt. One person with a bad experience will complain a lot louder than the many customers who are happy with their boats and the service they received. I have no current experience with Mohawk, but I am a fan of Mohawk canoes from the old days.

odyssey 14
i have owned my odyssey 14 for 5 years and i am very happy with it.i do alot of creek running up to class 2 and a few 3-4 day camping trips a year. the boat handles the trips really well with 100-175 lb. of gear.

There have been recent issues about
excessively flexy Royalex. There is no doubt from reports that some boats came through with excessively soft, flexy hulls. This must be blamed partly on Spartech, the supplier of Royalex sheets. Mohawk appears to have dealt with this issue in a forthright manner, but obviously some customers had reason to be upset until their situations were resolved.

Mohawk Odyssey

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I recently bought a new condition, 2009 Mohawk Odyssey from it's original owner.

Have owned 5 other Mohawk canoes previously; Solo 14, Mohawk Odyssey 14, Probe 12, Probe 12 II, XL 13.
Never had a problem with any of them, and I can discern no problem/concerns with the one that I just bought.