Mohawk solo model ID 1992

I’ve been wanting a solo canoe and picked up a beater on craigslist.

Hull ID is MMN84804I192 so its a 1992 Mohawk- any insight on the model?


Length is 14ft, interior gunwale width is about 24", and max width is about 30"

It came with 3 seats like a solo plus, but I wouldn’t imagine paddling it as a tandem would be very feasible.

Anybody know what I got?

It could be a Solo 14
back in the day Mohawk would put any seat arrangement in you wanted.

I have seem more than one Solo 14 set up for tandem as it was a marvelous kid’s tandem boat. Kids as young as six could paddle with their friends.

solo 14
Just the beam is throwing me off. Max width of around 30" holds true, but the current Solo 14 is listed as 29" gunwale width, mine is 27" to the outside of the gunwales at widest point, 24" inside (don’t know what measuring convention is)

It appears to be fiberglass
I’m not aware that the solo 14 was ever made in fiberglass. From what I remember, Mohawk’s fiberglass and Royalex boats were different models with different names, but my memory might not be accurate. The hull profile of this boat is completely different from that of the Royalex Solo 14 (same goes for the Odyssey 14). My bet is that it’s something else (I just don’t know what).

Yes its not the same profile
as the Solo 13 and 14 I had… they had a pronounced break below the word Mohawk. This one is far better looking.

I dont place a lot of importance on gunwale width. Its easy to fiddle with when adding a seat or a thwart.

It looks rather Kevlarey.( not a word I know)

Its fiberglass, mostly chopper-gun I think

I remember
I have some old Canoe & Kayak magazines and pretty sure they did manufacture a fiberglass version of the Solo 14 without all the hull flare & tuck lines. Otherwise similar dimensions. I have a Solo 14 AND an Odyssey both of which I really enjoy.

I had a 14’ fiberglass Mohawk Solo
and it didn’t have those tucked in gunwales, so the gunwales were much too wide for me.

I’ve never seen the linked model.

Jensen C-1 Rec
Mohawk made several Jensen models during the time Gene Jensen wintered and made prototypes in Florida. One of these Mohawk models was the 14’Jensen C-1. It was sort of a shorter Solitude and a very nice canoe aside from the heavy and coarse Mohawk fiberglass work. This particular hull is narrower than the 1992 listed spec for the hull of 28"gunwale, 30"max. Since it has three seats installed, it is quite possible the gunwales were also pulled in a bit during the seat installation.

Hope this helps.


Jensen C1
I just got an email back from Mohawk who looked into the Hull ID number for me, and they confirmed I do have a 1992 14ft Jensen C1

Now that I have a name, does anybody have any insight on this model’s intended use, paddling characteristics I can expect, etc?

I’ll be putting in some sweat equity before I can actually get it on the water.