Mohawk Triple Saddle for Canoe

-- Last Updated: Jul-31-08 12:38 PM EST --

I am looking for a Mohawk triple saddle with thigh-straps, adjustable foot rests (two sets), and thwarts, new or used in good condition. Anyone know where I can find this item?
(Added 7/31:)
It is my understanding that Mohawk is out of business and I get no response from my inquiries to them.

Mohawk has them listed for sale
on their website.

Yes, and they were even kind enough
to sell me a triple saddle “sans” thigh straps and toe blocks, at a very fair price. Good people.

I don’t know if I am made with heavy water or what, but I don’t seem to need thigh straps in an open boat, as long as I can brace my thighs under a thwart or under partial bulkhead knee spreaders.

Mentioning heavy water could be bad for your health. the Iranians will be looking to grab you to speed up their nuke program.