Mohawk whitewater tandem

Is anyone familar with this boat from the early 90’s. I haven’t seen it, but, wondering about lenghth, width, rocker etc.

Whitewater 16?
I have a Mohawk Whitewater 16 - manufactured in 1990 and built like a tank. The boat is up side down in the canoe rack and not easy to get to, but it is probably similar to the current Intrepid 16 in terms of dimensions – not much rocker. Paddled it with my father when it was new, with my daughter now:

The old owners of Mohawk used to have information on discontinued models on their website and had links to old adds for the Whitewater 16. Its no longer on the website, but maybe the new owners have more info.

Great boat as long as you have a strong back - it weighs a ton.

Got one a couple of hours from me, wanted to ‘see’ what it was before the drive.Great pictures, I’m sure you’re proud to share them.

Eriks Mohawk
some more pix of it in this album. Nice boat.

Re: Poling the Shepaug
I know this is an old thread, but I just have to say it…

Wow, what a cool way to experience a river! But how do you stop!?! :slight_smile:

I’ll have to try that on the Cahaba down here in Alabama: