Mohawk XL13

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Wha Ho, Pilgrims:

Lookin' fer any oopinoons about de Mohawk XL13 fer mostly Class I - Class II+ stuff. Ain't had a chance ta try one out yet, but want ta git somethin' a bit smaller than de converted OT Cascade ah' use fer dat stuff now.

Thanky kindly.

Fat Elmo
5'9" x 200 lbs. +/- 2 lbs. (dependin' on when ah' saw de man about a haars...)

Very user friendly
There was a time when the Mohawk XL 13 was one of the most popular whitewater OC-1s in the southeast.

That time is long past as whitewater open boaters have either died off (seemingly) or moved toward shorter and more nimble play boats. Most of the guys who paddle those now would no doubt consider the XL 13 a pig.

But it is a very stable and predictable boat and quite dry. Very good side surfer. Fairly wide by today’s standards. Certainly capable of Class II (has been run on Class V water). Not the quickest to turn due to its size, but will spin much better than a non-white water canoe. Will accommodate bigger guys easily.

FE is a bigger guy! (NM)

I dont have one but a friend does
and takes it to Northern Ontario for extended trips.

He’s about FE 's size. FE does not live up to his alias. Not only is he not particluarly rotund, he does not giggle when tickled and is not red.

FE just needs boat room for Dorothy.

You haven’t tickled him…
and he has less hair than I do.

But ah’ gots more…

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o' yer koolers than yer do.



Paddled an XL13 at a WW school…
a few years ago. Old school boat that’s big, stable and easy to paddle. “Pig” sounds so derogatory – I’d call it a “barge”. Similar to the Impulse that I’ll be paddling now that I’ve been separated from my old Encore (bummer). I’m 5’10", 220 lbs. and the boat fit me fine.

The XL 13 fits into that same category that the Dagger Impulse, Whitesell Descender, and the short-lived Old Town H2Pro fit into. They are big boats by today’s white water OC-1 standard, but would probably not feel big to someone used to paddling non-white water canoes.

They all lack edges so they are not grabby, are very good for “big water”, have outstanding stability and are quite dry.

They are wider than many find desirable these days, and give up something in speed and dexterity compared to the smaller play boats. They have lots of room for coolers.

I have one
Hi FE. I have an XL-13. Like the others have mentioned it is very wide and very stable with no hard lines. For class 2+ stuff that would be a great boat. You can pick them up for next to nothing. For Class 1 stuff I wouldn’t take it. I also havea a 14’ Mohawk Challenger, basically the Odyssey, which is great for stuff like that. The xl-13 has 3" of rocker and turns great for a 13’ boat. The Challenger has very little rocker of course which is what I prefer for non significant WW. hmm, don’t you have a MR Guide or Freesom Solo? If you are asking about the XL13 I’m guessing it’s for the slightly bigger stuff. With no dealers it’s hard to check out the Mohawks other than the diagrams on their website. I live in north eastern PA so if you want to meet for a day paddle we could arrange something.


Thanky kindly, Scott

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Very nice o' ye ta offer. Ah'll take yer up on dat an' yer kin try any of me canoos.

Now ah's on de hunt fer a used XL13.


the boat
that took me from ww kayak to ww OC-1 back in the day. Guess it was way early '90’s and I ended up paddling up to class IV in her. moved on to the XL11 when it came out. we were a Mohawk dealer. stable and forgiving.

was thinking about you yesterday. wore my FE t-shirt!


I know about one down in Alabama
but that is a long way from Joisey, and they still occasionally hang Yankees down there for sport.

See yer at PaddleSport???
Ah’ll git a new shoyt…


we’ll be there!
but… I still have 2 FE shirts in my t rotation. not sure I ‘need’ a third!

cya soon!