Mohican River Ohio

Has anybody paddled the section of the Mohican River from the Charles Mill Dam down to Loudonville. What are the water conditions like, put-ins, etc.

Am. Whitewater
Has Pleasant Hill Resevoir to Black Fork listed as a class II. No other information.

Clay banks. Class I water. Brown water from all of the agricultural run-off. Water levels dependent on rain. The better the weather, the more people you will see.

My 1st canoeing experiences were on the Mohican. Last time I was there I decided I would never go back. Bank to bank canoes and lots of drunks, lots of litter. Lovely country, though.

Class II?
I’ve paddled that section many times and it is nowhere near class II.

seen it a bunch. class 1 at most…
…Great park for horseback riding.

This is confusing. Which is the Charles
Mill Dam? Is that the one on Clear Fork? We have hiked up Clear Fork to near the dam (whatever it’s called), and if there were enough water, maybe one could find a rapid or two above class 1 up there.

We ran the Black Fork from Perryville to Loudonville, and it was mud banks, some snags, nothing over a class 1 gravel bar.

Personally, I enjoyed getting out with the “Mass of the Mohicans” and I had a similar adventure last summer on the Illinois River in Oklahoma. People in all states of wisdom and sobriety, not worrying at all about technique, just out to get wet, etc.

charles mill dam
Charles Mill Dam is the one on the Black Fork.