Moisie River (Hudson Bay) - need info

Can anybody help me?

This year I am planning a 2-week trip down Moisie river ( with fly-in ).

I am trying to find the detailed information: guides, maps, logistics. I found some through I-net, but nearly not enough… Most information there is posted by commercial guiding companies and lack details.

Thanks a lot.

Try CRCA Board
Try It is back up and running.

Nahanni of the east
Supposed to be a great river - almost continuous CII to CIII. I have a write up somewhere, if I can find I will forward. Never been there but did some detailed planning in '02.

Logistics were fairly simple. QNSL (Quebec North Shore and Labrador) rail will drop off where needed, paddle south to near Sept-Iles and hitch a ride to get your vehicle.


I already did.


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I appreciate it a lot if you'll find your write-up.
I'll provide all the updates in a year -:)

Try here . . .

The report I mentioned is in there somewhere. There is a lot of info on flights, trains etc. Try contacting some of the posters.


Moisie River
Be sure to read “The Complete Wilderness Paddler” by James West Davidson and John Rugge. Vintage books, ISBN 0-394-71153-X.

It is a “detailed working handbook” on how to do a wilderness trip. The trip they use to teach these skills is the Moisie. It is easily the best book on canoeing I have read. They are great storytellers. Very witty and in some places hilarious. It won’t provide a mile by mile description of the river. It is a “how to” book. It should point you in the right direction, though. It was written in the 70’s so it is probably dated. I would try to contact one of the authors.


Thanks again
Thanks, Paul!

I found a few guys from that site. I hope they will sent me some maps and explain some details.



Hi Pat!

I have the book and I’ve read it for the first time quite a few years ago. It is a great book indeed.

As I was on wilderness trips since age of 5 - and this is for over 30 years now (and some of my trips were as long as 5-6 weeks in very remore regions of the world, in this particular instance I need technical information, maps and logistics a bit more than wilderness tripping “know-how”.

Thanks anyway for your good advice.

your email on the Moisie
Came across your email regarding the Moisie. Not much help I’m afraid but I am trying to put together a trip this summer myself. Would like to hear from you regarding what you found if possible.


Ted Cooney

Trappe, Maryland

I’ve got a video and maps from canadian guys who were there recently.

Also I have some details about the river from another guy.

I’ll sort it through and will share in a couple of weeks. Just keep in touch.

One thing I can tell you right now is that Moisie is not for everyone. It either requires 3 week vacation starting on Tuesday or Thursday ( in order to run a train from Sept-Iles; this ride takes 7-8 hours). The total trip length will be around 430 km ( 280 mi) with 100 km through lakes in headwaters.

Another option will be using float planes to lake Felix, and this will be around 330 km ( 2 weeks), but expensive. You should expect additional US$500-600 per person.

Last option is with some tributaries to Moisie.

This way you have a shorter trip, but getting there is still a problem because of the train.