Mon Ark Aluminum 17' Canoe

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My first post to

I bought a Mon Ark Aluminum Canoe today. It measures 16' 10", so I am assuming this is considering a 17 footer? If not, please let me.

I wanted to get into this cheap as I could not afford much. I paid $200 for it, and it came with 2 basic life vest and a Bending Branches 7 degree Cruiser paddle. It is missing the front seat, but still has the brackets for a seat, so this should be an easy fix. Also, it has three support bars (forget the technical name) and the center one is lose on one end, again, this is an easy fix as well.

I understand that aluminum canoes are not the most desired canoe for the expereinced, but for a small cost, it seems to be a good purchase. I plan to use it on some local creeks and rivers in my area (South MS).

One thing though, is that I couldnt find any information on the brand, Mon Ark, can anybody provide any information on this?

Thanks, and look forward to learning from this site.

Alot of us started with an AL boat. If it gets you out on the water for some peace/quiet/reflection and enjoyment fantastic.


Serial #
Just run the first 3 numbers of your serial number and you’ll get all the info you need.

I think thats the brand I saw at Cabelas.

If it was it looked like a quality canoe.

Just add water and go have a ball.

Good luck.

Another South MS paddler!!
Shoot me an e-mail, I’m in Jackson County

serial #
What he means is go to and look for the page about hull id numbers (HIN)

Thanks for the follow-up and the serial number lookup, will do.

Yeah …
that’s is what I attempted to say.

What did you find out?