Monarch chair

Has anyone had experience with the Alight monarch chair? It weighs 1LB 2OZ and breaks down into a very small bagged package.It looks very comfortable,kind of like the old butterfly chair with 2 legs missing. To me,it looks as though it would be more comfortable than the Crazy Creek style rollup chair,and just as packable.

The downside is $60.00 with free shipping and a possible incombatability with multiple doses of alcohol ;>) Anyway, it can be seen at

and perhaps other sites. I havent really looked for it elseware, but it might be had a little cheaper. Any input would be appreciated.


Comfortable but…
I tried the Monarch chair at my local REI a few months ago but wasn’t impressed. While it is comfortable, your legs have to stay engaged and your are balancing the whole time. I don’t think I would ever really be able to relax in it. It is very light, however. So light that I think the slightest breeze would take it away - it feels (and looks) like more of a kite than a chair.

I’m still using GCI Quick-E-Seat and am fairly happy with it.

I have one
I am very happy with it. Is a tad bit pricey, but I got it for 20% off.

It is comfortable. I wouldn’t try to cross your legs sitting in it, nor have I tried it after a few drinks, but stability has not been an issue.

Fits very nicely in my round hatch openings.

Interesting idea :slight_smile:

$48 at EMS.

Bill H.

Did you
Did you buy one?