monkeys in Florida?????

I just read an article which talked about the wild monkeys in Florida. I have been living here for 14 years and never heard of this. It happened because Four Rhesus monkeys were introduced to a river island near the Silver River. Now they can be found 40 miles from that location and may expand even more. It is also reported that spider monkeys escaped from the Silver Springs attraction and live in the wild. Does anyone know about this? Has anyone seen these things while paddling?

Monkeys in Fla
I have seen them on the Silver river. They were high in the trees overhead. There were signs posted not to feed or get near them as they can be agressive. I think they were Rhesus monkeys. Even if you don’t get to see them, the Silver River is an incredible paddle. Gin clear water, lots of fish and birds, etc. Pat #2

In the Florida Keys…
The University of Miami released a large group of monkeys on a medium key near Key West. There were stories of the beasts running out into the shallows and pulling curious kayakers off their boats looking for food. I don’t know if they are still there.

We saw the ones …
on the Island in the Homasasa river, and I felt real bad for them.

As we circled the little Island, they would run around after us just begging for food and attention.

They also had signs ther warning not to go on the Island since they were aggressive.

chers, and stay happy,


Some have even learned to…
operate PWCs! (Primate Water Craft) Definitely try to avoid them when paddling.

descendants of movie stars
My understanding is that the monkeys in the wild around the Silver Springs area are there because they were brought in and released when the film industry was in its heyday in the area.

Lots of “jungle” movies were shot at Silver Springs… Tarzan and such I believe.

Also there was a Jungle Cruise operation (Florida has ALWAYS been a tourist destination starting with Ponce deLeon I suppose LOL).

(funny that the first site that came up with a search was for a kayak club)


Not surprising.
Florida seems to have the right mix of proper climate, “interesting” peoples, and international traffic to make for some very interesting (albeit unsettling) feral wildlife. An Army SF acquaintance once told me of a known colony of King Cobras living in somewhere in the deep woods of Florida. I also understand that feral Parrots, monkeys, and other exotic wildlife are a regular sight around the Miami/Dade airport.

About 23 years ago
ouch, that makes me feel old! I was in Florida for spring break with my aunt and uncle and I don’t recall where we were but we saw monkeys from the roof of our hotel. No idea what kind they were but it certainly shocked me.

green parrots
I see green parrots flying around my neighborhood and other parts of the city all the time. I once found a 4 foot iguana in my garage.


As a summer project I am trying to keep my neighbors (a snowbird) potted flowering plants alive as long as possible. The wild Iguanas love the flowers and I wouldn’t mind them eating the flowers but they break the plants as they crawl all over them.

On day I caught this creature in the flower bed and turned the garden hose on it. He stopped running and just sat there really enjoying the fresh water bath.

Now I have to water him everyday too…

Lees: Maybe we can teach them to eat chicken…

Wildlife Confirmed
I can confirm to YES there are many populations of wild monkeys in Fort Lauderdale, The Bonnet House on Fort Lauderdale Beach has a population of right about 50 monkeys, this is the last count I was told by the property caretaker and can usually be fead each late afternoon from the North wall of the property behind McSorleys bar or in front of the hotel one block west.Dania beach area has a monkey population also, plus the island in the keys that was used for some sort of science project. South Florida also has an enormous population of parrots, I believe quaker parrots, Im sure the numbers are well into the thousands. The Everglades and Everglades National Park also has a population of pythons, numbers unknown but each one seen is prety much killed on site. Iguanas, these line the waterways and backyards of waterfront homes, I have seen as many 20 or so just in one back yard of a house in a very wealthy section of twon, sections of Miami literally have iguana crossing signs. Hard to believe also we have black bears as far south as Key largo. If your a fisherman we also have peacock bass in the local waterways that have been imported from South/Central America. Of course some panthers that roam as far south as key largo and the endangered american crocodile. I have heard there is a population of about 500 mating pairs of the Croc. Then of course the Alligator, so many, Im sure they can’t be counted. My brother sees iguanas and baskalisk lizards crossing the road near the Fort Lauderdale Executive airport all day long.

And many more exotics gone wild in addition to the spring breakers gone wild.


Monkeys in the Fla Keys


Monkeys in Dania Beach Florida
Well maybe or use to be


Florida Exotics


Even better
You could train them to attack waverunners

Miami Monkeys
Groomed, trained and illegally drafted and given football scholorships to play for the Hurricanes championship team.


grayhawk,iquanas taste like chicken
in cancun and costra rica it’s common table fare.tasty too

Iguana Recipes
Anybody have a recipe for iguana on stick ?


Iguana Recipes
Anybody have a recipe for iguana on stick ?


Actually Lorikeets I think
Non-natives from down under! Got flocks around my place too. Their squabbling wakes me up when the alrm clock doesn’t. They also let me know a bit before the rain will start.

Iguanas common, seen on most every paddle - love to sun on seawalls and low overhanging branches (lighter ones anyway!). Had a brilliant green mid sized one hitch a ride on my Tarpon once - where it was well cammoflaged.

Otherwise just the usual stuff around home: a small gator, lots of giant spiders up in the trees, Manatees, Tarpon…