mono lake

I was wondering if anyone on here has paddled mono lake, and if so camped overnight on the islands or in the area in general. I am planning a trip, I know the islands open in September and have heard that camping is allowed. I was wondering if a permit is needed and would be interested to hear about your trip and any pointers. Thanks in advance.

trip reports on
There are 2 trips reports for Mono on Check them out at and page down to Mono Lake. Unfortunately, neither covers the rules for camping, which I hear is legal and also heard what you reported - that the islands are off limits during part of the year.

I haven’t paddled there, but have visited. Water is very alkaline. When you get wet, it provides a feel on the skin much like when you get bleach on you. I’d want to bring a lot of rinse water to try to get that stuff of the boats before putting them on the car.

thanks for the info

From a winter paddling trip on Mono Lake
Pictures from a winter paddling trip on Mono Lake…note the winter night paddle photos!,-1.php

Those pics are incredible.

Mono Lake SP off closure list
Good news! A massive grassroots effort has very recently resulted in the State of California removing the Mono Lake State Park from the park closure list effective December 1, 2011. For information on camping and other park features, go to and click on Mono Lake.