Montana Missouri River

I will be paddling a lower section of the Montana Missouri River next month. This section will be from Kip Park/Robinson Bridge down to Fourchette Creek Recreation Area. I have done the Ft. Benton to Kip several times so I am familiar with that section.

I make the trip to be just less then 80 miles. Sound Right?

Any tips on camp sites or things to stop and explore?

Norm, I know you are familiar with this section, any tips?



two others
I paddled with two guys three weeks ago who left three forks. they called me the peck dam the other day. They actually met a guy in Peck who has done the river many times and talked them info driving back up to ft. benton to do the white cliffs again. small world.

It can be done in a couple of long days however the guide book states 5-14 days…to be on the safe side. i know of people who took 15 days just to get thru peck rez. The two guys i just mentioned abouve did from Kipp to the dam in 4 days!!! The river is fasst flowing now…lots of runoff.

About 2o miles down from kipp is Hutton Bottom and a primitive camp with toilet…a steep bank to get to. plenty of camps along the way…just pick a spot. i recommend staying on the left side as you get into peck lake. Maybew camp a mile or so above UL bend and get a look at the river from above. common to get 3-4 foot waves near forchette bay. not sure what else to say…nice geology and you should see antelope and maybe elk too.

let me know if you have specifics