montana paddling trip

I am thinking about a paddling trip in montana this summer. I have a brother in Billings so I would like to end up or start somewhere close to there. I have limited experience with rapids and do not want to get in over my head (solo trip most likely). I am thinking about a 3 or 4 day trip. I have a solo canoe and a 14’ kayak that I will take depending on the water.

Any idea’s?

Well I live on the Yellowstone up from billings about a 4 day paddle…

the Yellowstone is a series of drop-pools and rated Class 1-2 however we hare still getting pounded with snow and anywhere from 4-11 feet of snow above my house in the mtns…so we are going to have a huge runoff…most likely highwater will be dangerous from Mid may to first week in July!!!

With your lack of experience I would put on near Three Forks on the Missouri…from there you could have a 2-6 days trip anywhere. Contact me so I dont type a bunch of worthless info for you when i would like to know the specifics and your seriousness etc. Great paddling out here.

With the pushy water that the streams

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and rivers possess out said, you really need to hone up on your paddling/balance skills, but the West's runoff in June/July is THE BIGGEST water in this country. Get more skills via on them, then pick & choose your water carefully...imho.

montana paddling trip
Thanks for the info. Do you know of any good location on the Missouri to start? What is the camping like? Can you camp on private areas along the river? Good scenery? Fishing? Wilderness? Solitude? etc…


There are so many possiblities

The river is 800 miles through montana alone.

lots of great camps…look at photos in “place2paddle” here on pnet and the trip reports for the missouri.

send me your email and i’ll send you plenty of photos.

How many days you want to go?

Any boat ramp is a good place to start.

The WHite Cliffs is the most scenic flatwater in the lower -48.

Google photos for “White cliffs of the Missouri” or something to that effect if you want to see photos.

Also look at the two website of my friends who paddled it. (i think these are the urls.