Montana whitewater advice

Next July I plan on doing some kayak whitewater/touring in Montana near Glacier or in general area.

I need some advice on possible day trips, shuttle info and anyone interested in joining in.


A few…
I lived in Missoula back in the 70’s and spent a lot of time on the Blackfoot, Bitterroot, Clark’s Fork and Flathead rivers. I wasn’t an avid kayaker back then, but we used to do a lot of rafting. The blackfoot, upriver from Missoula had some good rapids, and the Alberton Gorge downriver from Missoula is supposed to be pretty hairy. The sections of the Flathead & Bitteroot rivers we used to float were pretty slow.

Brings back a lot of fun memories…

Mt whitewater
I’m not a whitewater kayaker but by July, the water levels have usually dropped and the rapids are below their “class” ratings. The Middle Fork of the Flathead has a 7 mile section with 13 rapids of varying difficulty. (up to III-IV) It parallels US Hwy 2 so you should be able to hitch a ride back up to Moccasin Creek with another kayaker/rafter.