Monthly water temps of Great Lakes

Iam trying to find a web site that shows what the monthly water temperatures of the great lakes are. I found Lake Erie and Ontario but no others. I also found a website that shows current water temps but I dont care what the temps are now I want to know what they will be in June,July and August. I found more stuff on water quality but no average water temps for the months. I google the heck out of it and still cant find monthly water temps other than for Lake Erie and Ontario.

Looking for something like this with monthly tables but for the other lakes:

Go to the data

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Your best bet is probably the buoy data collection
for temps, wave heights, etc.

Generally speaking
Bouys in Lake Superior recorded water temperatures
typically reach the mid-50s by early July
get up to 60s around late August.

As you head south in Michigan- add a few degrees.
It takes longer than people think before they are warm.
Dress for the water temps, not the air temps.

A buoy in the open waters of Lake Michigan
recorded 80 degree F temperatures in July 2012
- that has happened only six times since 1981.

Lake Huron in July is between 60-70 most years.

People often Over-Estimate the water temps.