Montreal & Quebec city kayaking?

Last year when I visited Montreal (sans kayak), I saw a couple of solo kayaker on cruising along the water front!

That looks to me like an enjoyable way to view the city from a unique perspective. I would love do that!

So I’d like to find out more about it, where to launch, what’s the current like, what hazard to watch out for. Anyone done it & know the in’s and out’s about water touring of the city?

And similarly, how about Quebec city? It’s gorgeous from the river, if I could figure out where to put in, without getting run over by the ferry boats, that is.

St Charles river
just outside Quebec City

The St Lawrence is tidal and has fast moving tidal currents.

And those pesky ferryboats.

You can get an idea how fast the the current moves from this video

What current?
the vid is a winter shot

I rented from these folks and took a river surf lesson.

Rental would be for experienced whitewater kayaker, but there is also a large park along the river where they rent for flat water.