Moose Horn River

Anybody out there ever paddle the Moose Horn River south of Duluth MN? Cannot find any info on it anywhere, it looks like an outstanding woodland stream from what little we have seen from the highway.

I googled Moose Horn River, MN
and found a few sites with a little info. It’s part of the Kettle River watershed and is 11’ deep and quite wide in some stretches. Plenty of waterfront property for sale and a popular fishing area. Possibly a livery at Willow River or Moose Lake park.

We driven past it, but never paddled it.

Have Thought the Same…
…when I’ve crossed the river. Duluthmoose & Puffingin live in Duluth and may have some first hand imfo, but they are in the Quetico for another week or 10 days. E-mail them about mid-July, I’m sure they could help. Darryl is a paddler AND a fisheries biologist so I know he’s familiar with the waters in the area. WW

Kettle River/Moose Horn area
Moose horn river is shown on Kettle River map.