moose in the BW

Here’s a link to Sam Cook’s column for Feb. 22 for you BW and moose lovers. I found it a good read and thought some of you might enjoy it.

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I like Sam, got several of his books. I’ve seen a lot of moose on the Gunflint, but my “Record” came on Hwy 1 or 2 (I get 'em confused). Saw 8 within 10 miles either side of Finland going from Ely down to Hwy 61 to head up to Grand Marais with a friend (also named Mark). My buddy, who had never seen a moose before, was so excited, he felt the need to purchase a 12-pack at the liquor store in Grand Marais to “Settle down” once we drove up the shore. Instead of any of “Name brands,” though, he bought something he’d never heard of to “Celebrate” the moose sightings before our BWCAW trip. I went to bed after a couple of the watery tasting brews. Got up next morning and he had consumed the balance. Woke him up and chastised him for getting drunk the night before our trip and he said, “I COULDN’T GET A BUZZ, I GUESS I WAS TOO EXCITED!” Took a closer look at one of the empty cans and it was “NEAR BEER!” Still have a good laugh about the Finland moose herd and Mark’s “Near Beer!” WW

Near Beer
He must have bought it in a grocery store. In Minnesota, that’s all they can sell. Gotta go to a liquor store for “real” beer.

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That is a very good thing to know. Thanks.

That was a good story

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Saved “” under my favorites, looks as if there’s a lot of good reading when I have more time. And KenE, my friend bought the “Near-Beer” at the little liquor store in Grand Marais on that little side-street between Hwy 61 and the harbor. Next time arround we tried Red River Beer, MUCH better choice (LOL)! WW