Moose River Bow Maine Trip Report

Well, I finally got out for some fresh air. We spent a leisurely 4 days on the Moose River Bow Trip near Jackman, Maine. It was technically an informal gathering of wood canoe nuts from the Norumbega Chapter of the Wooden Canoe Heritage Association (2 of us members). My son and I took my 17 ft. Chestnut Prospector and a buddy took a 16 ft canoe he built from Peterborough lines.

Carried the Attean-Holeb portage like the manly men we are. We camped at Holeb Pond, Holeb Falls and Attean Falls. Ran into a bunch of students from Unity College at the Holeb Falls Portage. They were out for 10 days and were continuing down Spencer Stream to Flagstaff and beyond.

I’ve yet to see an actual Moose on the Moose River, but we did hear one amble off through the brush this time. Beavers and scrats were plentiful. Son Brendan fished the local waters hard with bobber and plastic worm.

The waters were at a great level. We had periodic showers for much of the 4-days to contribute to the flow. Few bugs.

Tried to reach GW on the cell on the last night out - we witnessed the makings of a border crossing invasion! We were minding our own business at Attean campsite when nearly 20 canoes came UP the river. A group from Quebec set up base and were farting around in the rapids. Otherwise, the trip was real quiet - just the way I like it.

I put a few photos here:

I wish I had kept my original plan to do this trip last weekend, since my back-up plan in the Adirondacks didn’t go as well as I liked. Maybe next time.

Vince (formerly known as pernicev)