Moosehead Lake in Maine


Has anyone kayaked here? I’m going in August for a week and will be on its shores. I understand it’s a huge lake. Let me know if you have any ideas or input. Thanks a lot!


New York

Moosehead is fantastic
Yes is is a monster lake, but very neat. Bring you fishing gear as there is some pretty good small mouth bass fishing and some brook trout, which are very difficult to catch. August is an excellent good month to go. Pay attention to the weather as it can get nasty. Rain gear is a must. On the water in a kayak is my idea of no place to be if a thunderstorm kicks up. Oh, bring your bug gear and some warm clothing. It cools off at night. I like charts too.

The biggest pest problem besides bugs would come from racoons. Cache your food or lock your doors at night and when you are away from camp. I have never seen a bear, although there are a few around. Moose have made a comeback, but are generally only out at night and not a major problem. Just leave them alone and they will return the kindness.

In all honesty Moosehead lake is one of the premiere northwoods experiences left in the lower 48. You are going to love it.



Get A DeLorme Map
Of Moosehead Lake. It shows campsites and costs about five bucks. De Lorme has a website.The map is available in almost any grocery store in Maine. Moosehead is 40 miles long. Dont forget your hiking boots! Mt Kineo is a must.

I like to put in at Lily Bay State park
I try to get up to the big lake a couple times a year. Moosehead lake is huge. Like really big. The shoreline chuck full of wildlife. Mostly because those pesky millionare lumber company owners still own the property right down to the water. That means very very little developement. That also means help is non existant if you get yourself in trouble. I would plan on getting a good map and sitting down with it before you venture out into the lake. Much of the shoreline is very inhospitable to foot travel. Like if you wanted to get out and walk for a spell you will see what I mean. The vegetation is so thick it will prohibit exploration into the woods in many places. Having said that, the campsites on the lake are as beautiful as any I have ever stayed at. The northeast side of the lake is fairly remote.

You could spend a week paddling and not see half the shoreline.

I went up for a long day trip last year. It turned out to be a perfect day to put down quite a few miles as there was no wind for much of the day. Then I got whaled on by a thunderstorm. It was pretty exciting seeking shelter where there was none to be had.

not so
anymore the state through the Land for Maines Future has purchased or has easements on almost all of the east and northeast shore, but is still is and now will stay undeveloped.

BTW nice pictures not often have I seen the lake that calm.

I stand corrected

Thank you
Wow, thank you all for such wonderful information. That is enormously helpful. I will definitely buy a map before August and check it out. We’ll be staying across the lake from Kineo, or so the place says. A lot of people have warned me about bizarre weather patterns. What have I gotten myself into?! Scott, the pictures of the lake are gorgeous. I can’t wait to be there. T-Storms while I’m in a kayak are still scary for me - I’ll have to be extra careful. Thanks so much for taking the time to respond.