More boat storage from annual Hog visit

-- Last Updated: May-25-06 9:27 AM EST --

Being visited by Hogs each year forces me to do an annual cleaning and reorganization of my garage. This is a good thing! :^) Each year we have several friends stay with us for the annual motorcycle gathering here in Washington DC during Memorial Day week end. Having a bunch of bikers show up on loud Harleys at least once a year also seems to make the grumpier neighbors nicer and more cooperative for the year to come. ;^) As there is occasional vandalism in the area I always make sure there is room inside for the Rides.

This year the annual reorganization resulted in a new rack as I had stuffed extra boats up on top of the others partly supported by poles, loose 2x4s, and such. Unacceptable for the Hog pen. So I built 2 beams to span the 20' wide garage. The beams are 6'6" from the floor and parallel at 5' 6" apart. They are made of 2x6s and 2x4s "T" beamed together with long drywall screws every foot. The beams are still moveable as they are supported by the same 2000# capacity chromed commercial rolling racks (from Sam's, Costco, or BJs) I used to store just 4 WW boats on.

I can now store up to 8 canoes in the same space. Can still put cars and Hogs in, but of course not my vans. Can put another 2 canoes above the others as the ceiling is 10 foot. If the garage ceiling did not stair step down in the rear there would be room for yet another 2.

For those of you wondering: Would be enough room for 10 - 12 kayaks just on the beams, maybe more. And more yet could be stored above these by attaching them to the ceiling. Only one car can fit in because of the rolling racks. If two were desired you could beef up the beams, attach directly to the walls and the center to the ceiling, eliminating the rolling racks. I do not do so as I like the rolling aspect and also think cars in the garage are a waste of good space.



R these bikers or posers?

Do have to admit they have good jobs
and clean up real well, but the effect on the less agreeable neighbors is still possitive. ;^)



Something about a herd of Harleys and their riders that brings out paranoia in the citizenship.

In the early 70’s I lived in a small town in California. Every year on a certain date it would fill up with bikers. They’d take over both bars and main street, ride the strip all night and raise hell for a week or so.

It was “The Wild One” all over again.