More composite repair advice needed

-- Last Updated: Sep-19-15 8:17 PM EST --

I'm on a roll this summer. I'm up to my 4th repair of the year! On the plus side, I'm getting decent at it.

I crunched my ZRE paddle on a sand bar at low tide and fractured the trailing side of the blade horizontally about a third of the way from the tip. Only the trailing side shows a fracture line and its not all the way through.

The repair was going to be fairly straight forward but then I flexed the blade and noticed that about 3 square inches of the carbon cloth separated/de-laminated from the foam core in addition to the fracture line running across the blade.

My question is, should I cut away the de-laminated section of carbon? Should I try to work epoxy under the de-lamination? or something else? Whats the best course of action?

Thanks in advance to the usual folks! You haven't steered me wrong yet.

Heres the link for the pictures:

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And it will work. You got no choice: neatly cut out the bubble and patch with new carbon cloth and epoxy.

Usually for tiny nicks and holes, all you got to do is sand and blend in or chop up fine some carbon cloth and build up and sand. Go to West Marine and get those tiny epoxy packets for the repair. I usually get carbon scraps (enough for several repairs) from canoe makers. However, for this repair, I’d send the paddle back to ZRE for a beautiful job.