More Fall 2021 Longboat Surf

So, pretty near normal (still above average temps) fall pattern in New England. We had almost 10 days of surfable waves/swells from several coastal storms. Got a couple more surf sessions in over the week. One was clean, mellow surf with light offshore (clean up) breeze. The other was blown out with a diagonal (north) wind in the 15 knot range.

Here is the mellow session. :slight_smile:

It’s going flat for the forseeable future. But for we got…




Had high expectations for this session as Boston Buoy was registering easterly swells at 10 seconds. Unfortunately, there was a stiff, 12-15 knot diagonal north wind that mushed things up. Instead of clean swells I had a mish mash of wind waves on top of and distorting the swell faces.

Nevertheless, paddling “textured” water of any kind is much more interesting and invigorating for me than the placid Pond Atlantic alternative.


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