More GPS nonsense

OK, so my e-trex, which was not waterproof, which I tried to fix in my oven, is not really fixed well enough to use in the field.

Even though i am not particularly happy with Garmin, I am looking at getting another one, as they seem to be no worse than their competition.

I seem to remeber someone saying the gps 72 or 76 was better built. I went to a shop, and they tried to talk me out of the gps 72, saying it was no tougher or more waterproof. The spec-sheets don’t really support that either.

I hate to admit it, but I am thinking I might just get another e-trex and keep it in a pelican case.


1. What good is a GPS in a box?

2. Search function will yield plenty of responses on GPS. Summary: Garmin GPSMAP76 most popular. New color models gaining ground. More $ but much better visibility and longer batter life. Few problems - just from those who keep them in bags where water gets in the bag, goes to vapor (think greenhouse), and recondenses with pressure/temp changes. Etrex sem to have more issues, and are not as easy to use on water. Fine for hiking.

Have the Garmin Etrex, Standard Horizons marine radio, never bother with each, have it on deck while rolling or on pfd all the time while rolling and they have both been absolutely dry.

Now that I wrote this they will both go belly up tomorrow.


GPSMAP 76 $199
on sale now at the big boat store.

It still feels strange to spray it off with a hose or hold it under the faucet after paddling but I have to get the salt off. I’ve been very happy with it.

Use a waterproof clear plastic soft

Since we fried ours about five years ago we have been using them and they are perfect.

Contrary to what others might say about “condensentation forming in them”, that is BS.

We have had ours in 25 degree temps and 100 degree temps and thousands of miles and there has never been any fogging or condensation.

There is no problem working the buttons or seeing the display, and the only time you have to take them out of the pouch is to change the batterys.

There are several good ones.

Mine is Ewa-marine.

You can get them at West Marine, Boaters World and most good paddle shops.



link to store? (nm)

$179 at Defender
Add to cart to see the sale price.

Cheers, Joe

I have had mine for a little less than a year and have begun to use it some. I read a lot of posts here before buying and using it. I decided to use a waterproof bag and have done so. I do note that on particularly hot and humid days that I get some condensation inside the bag so I have been opening it a couple of times during each paddle.

I bought my unit on e-bay and paid about half of the best price I could find retail. Wound up wining a bid at 101.51 and paid 12 dollars shipping and handling and no tax.

Happy Paddling,


I’m new to kayaking, but have had this unit on the water in various sized boats (some more wet than others) and the unit has performed flawlessly.

GPSmap76 - Two Thumbs Up


Get a bag of uncooked rice, place gps, radio, camera, etc. in tupperware bowl pour rice over items, put lid on tight, it will dry out in 3 - 4 days.

NO GPS is waterproof
At best, they are water resistant… regardless the brand.

GPSMAP76C - 100 day test
On a recent trip (Sydney, AUS => Cape York), I had a GPSMAP76C on my deck 90% of the time.

Very wet conditions, especially the first part of the trip (surfy - prior to protection of Barrier reef).

For the 1st month, I had it in a neoprene case (

The unit would get wet, but it seemed to hold up well. I was concerned, though, that it wouldn’t last. (some days, I would notice that a bit of moisture made its way below the cover to the USB interface, though NEVER to the battery compartment).

Anyway, I switched to an ‘aquapac’ case. This worked well, but I was concerned about condensation getting in because of the heat. (I did use moisture absorbers - helped a little).

If you aren’t going to be continuously splashed with water, I’d go with the neoprene case. It has the added advantage of ‘shock’ absorber when you’re throwing it around.


I have never put my MAP76 in any kind of bag or case and it keeps on ticking.