MORE grommet

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for a dry bag..a flexible membrane..

3M under washers n clamp for setting in a warm area.

Then fit the hose fitting n nut down onto washers on top more 3M

Then run the hose onto the fittings…hose carries air water or wires.

remember the uh, hose clamps

More Wallace.

thank you
I knew grommet had a partner but for the life of me I couldn’t remember.

a search
for grommet et al doesn’t help.

Al Wallace ?

The Pelicans are held onto the hull with Seattle Fabrics Velcro as are MSR 10L Dromedaries for a drinkable water keel. There are straps for heavy water…like getting in.

West Coast Paddler rejects the Velcro as dangerous.

So much for Darwin.

Search Wallace and gromit

there’s a list

go to:

sci.geo.earthquakes ‘FANTASIA’

Love Wallace and Gromit!