More info re my search for fiberglass

Sorry I did not include much background info. I live in Nevada, paddle in Lake Tahoe, do not fish, just thinking fiberglass glides better, is faster.

Thanks, Bill

thermoformed is light and slick too

More to consider
Bill, maybe the biggest difference between a polyethylene plastic boat and a composite boat (fiberglass etc.) is the price–about double for the composite. That’s not to say that there aren’t other significant differences–there are.

Composite boats of the exact same design as poly, will almost always be a little lighter, but probably not faster.

It comes down to how much money you want to spend and which boat does it for you. Generally, with only a few exceptions, you won’t have the choice of poly, composite, thermoplastic, or kit boat in a given design. One exception is the Current Designs Sirocco (poly)/Gulfstream (composite). Either of those boats would be great on Lake Tahoe.

Some websites that you might want to check are: CD Kayaks, nckayaks, Eddyline, Pygmy, Stellar Kayaks, P&H Kayaks and Valley Kayaks. There are a lot more, but that might give you a start and a ton of information to digest.

BIll is looking for a 12’ sit on top
He wants something easier to get into than a SINK but that is lightweight and reasonably fast. I don’t think some of those marques you suggested make anything like that. I suggested he look at the Eddyline Caribbean 12, a 45 lb thermomold ABS boat or the Epic V6 (though that is longer than he wants)

Wave Witch
Not sure if Hunt is still making kayaks, he moved to Encinitas a few years ago, he’s getting older, but his webpage is up. Wave witch is 12’5" fiberglass SOT that is fast to paddle but not forgiving to beginners.

I missed the connection with his first post. However, Stellar for one has quite a variety of boats that might interest Bill. He also mentioned the word “fast”; that’s going to be a challenge in a 12’ craft.