More initial stability than MR Horizon?

I bought a Mad River Horizon (15’ 2") a couple years ago, and though I love the maneuverability, I’m occasionally frustrated by the lack of initial stability, especially because I’ve determined that I use the canoe for fishing about 70% of the time. I’ve read the stories about people standing and fishing from their Horizon, but that’s not me!! Would an extra two inches of width and another foot of length make a big enough difference to make a trade-in worth while?

And yes I’ve tried kneeling, but my knees don’t like it!

Look at what Wenonah offers for
fishing. Their fishing canoes have good initial stability, but are easy-paddling, not pigs when you are trying to cover ground.

eric is just working up to offering you a sponsonship.

Probably Not
I’d guess you won’t find a big change in stability from a slightly longer slightly wider canoe.

But that’s only a guess on my part because everybody seems to percieve stability differently.

Your best bet would be to try other boats before you spend your money. Borrow, demo, rent, whatever it takes.

The outrigger idea isn’t bad either. Especialy if you rig it so that you can take it in when its time to paddle.

Oh and G2d, let’s not be using the S word Hmmm?


I used a couple of
boat fenders/bumpers and some aluminum to build a set for my canoe. They work great. I now have a 2 1/2 hp outboard on a “motor-mount” that I also built. Cost about $50.00.

Tommy, you mean “ship”?

Thanks for the info…
I know that pontoons or some other outside stabilization would work, but I really want something that I don’t need to mess with. The Horizon has great secondary stability, and I’ve used it to fish solo, but it seems a little jittery to me - maybe it’s my high center of gravity! HAs anyone tried lowering their seats or using curved “drop” seats?

Substitute beanbags for your seats
If you can remove one or both seats, put small beanbags (half the size of a large livingroom bag) in their place. It’s easy to lower your center of gravity by shifting their filling and sitting lower. Great back support, warmth and hull control via the form fitting bags … and relatively cheap too! I bought a couple for less tha $40 bucks. They can be used in a variety of configurations for kneeling, sitting, relining. etc.

a few more…
A couple by Wenonah:

Spirit II…17’


MR’s Horizon…
Is, I believe, one of their performance boats. Performance/speed will be the exact opposite of what the initial stability is…directly underneath, for example–> Fast/Efficient = tippy underneath.

Yeah, but a guy wrote an article on
fishing from a canoe… It was published in Canoe & Kayak… And there he was, STANDING in a composite MR Horizon. He said he didn’t find it difficult, though some might.

I used to pole in a shallow arch boat just as tender as a Horizon. Of course, a pole serves as a balance beam or a support, but I could just stand in the boat with the pole trailing in the water from one hand, and I felt perfectly steady.