More New kayak ?s

Hi folks,

I’m looking for a new kayak that is a step up from the current 12’ Pungo that I’ve used for 3 yrs. We also have a Zoar sport and I notice a difference in ease of paddling with that boat.

I’m interested in something for long day trips on inland lakes with a possible overnighter once or twice a year. I’d like something to “grow into”. I really appreciate efficient canoes and probably want the same efficiency in a kayak. Not so much for speed but to get more miles with less effort.

Was looking at a RM boat for price/storage reasons. I’m 5’ 10’ 190#.

I appreciate the vast experience of the board members here and any suggestions are welcome.

Also, are there any P&H or Valley dealers in the OH, PA or Maryland area?

Thanks very much for the help.

Buy used

I’d go used also.
Found this on the clasified ads section of the website. Looka like a pretty god boat. I’d go used also. You can get a lot more boat for your money.

(PA) QCC 600X, Kevlar, 16’8” x 21”, 46 lbs. with skeg, hatch-mounted Nexus 70P compass, and thigh braces. A fast kayak ideal for paddlers weighing 130-160 lbs. Spacious oblong hatch covers. Padded seat. Very good condition, gently used - has the usual scratches. Stored indoors. Orange over white with black trim. Comes with extra forward hatch and Seals cockpit cover. $1750. Located in Harrisburg. Click for more information. – Submitted by: ebbtide171

This is a fine boat
My wife has one and likes it. I have paddled it as well and I am exactly the size of the poster. I would say two things. It is a narrow boat that feels really tippy until you get used to it and begin to trust its excellent secondary stability. And you are outside the size range for the boat. You would fit better in a 700x. Bottom line: be sure to paddle the boat, or another that you have access to, before you consider buying.