more on nordic blues

got my nordic blues and really like them. very warm and dry. right around freezing yesterday am and was the happiest hand wise i’ve been in several winters. grip was fine, although a bit more wax will be better- missed a couple of strokes when i really tried to pick up the temp. for the time being i’m keeping the liners in there, since they are comfortable and warm. one question though- how do you get the liners dry if they are left in there? any tips?


Rip Those Liners Out…
the will eventually become a problem, getting separated and twisted around. I had to do surgery on my blues in the middle of a trips because of how the liner got twisted. I took my knife to it and ripped the whole thing.

Do it up right up front, and then used thin fleece (warmer) or thermax liner gloves. These can be taken out to dry after usage. Also flip the blues partial inside out to promote quicker drying.

I actually had mold that grew in my yellow colored blues when I forgot to take the liners out to dry.


cardboard tube
To dry out the inside of gloves and mittens I usually place a cardboard tube about 6" long inside and place them neer a heat vent or fan. Gift wrapping paper has some strong sturdy cardboard tubing which works well.

You can buy the gloves

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from nordic blues or some marine supply shops with the liners removeable. Sings got it right chuck 'em and go with some light to medium polartec or whatever works.

If you get the gloves from a marine shop you will have to glue on gaskets (available sized from os systems) yourself. Atlas make the gloves with removeable liners. Then for the price of one pair of blues you can get about two pairs of gloves, and have on sixed for no or very thin liners and the other for those really cold days when you want polartec 200 and capilene under it.

OTOH you will have to do it yourself.

cut them out this morning. they are pretty cheap looking things. a pair of expedition weight capilene glove liners will be just the trick. thanks.


I second (or third or fourth) the vote .
I have the Nordic Blue gloves, I love them but cut out the yellow liner and buy a real glove.

What would be the warmest liner?
Any ideas for the warmest liner to replace the “yellow liner”


Try a pair of SmartWool liners N/M

Micro Fleece Glove Liners
I like for warmth, lightweight and that oh-so-smooth feel on the skin.

My thermax liners are thinner and gives a better grip in conjunction with the gloves.


Sorry – I’m a bit late on this…

I turn the liners outside in to dry them. That’s the only way if you don’t have a heater that blows hot air through a tube (like some shoe dryers - probably not available when you are away from home).

At first I got problems getting the (fastened) yellow liners inside after drying them inside out.

I tried to push them in, finger by finger.

It didn’t work. I almost ruined one of the fingers of a liner by useing force.

Then I figured out a much better way:

  • When the liner is inside out, put ALL the 5 fingers on your hand into the respective fingers of the liner. When you manage to get about ONE inch of each liner-finger on your fingers, you can just proceed to push your hole hand inside the blue glove (with the liner on).

    Then – obviosly – you take the next glove…

    It’s like putting a removable liner on, only that you have only ONE inch of liner on your fingers before you start pushing your hand into the glove.

    But in the end the best solution might be a removable liner…


Qualofill or Possum Fur liners
Nordic Blue makes a Qualofill liner you can orde from the site.

I love the possum fur gloves, amazingly warm, thin, and dexterous gloves. is the source

Half merrino wool half possum fur.