More Q700 outfitting

In my continuing quest to have the most modified Q700 on Earth, I spent the afternoon tweaking the outfitting a little more.

  1. I moved the back band straps from the holes for the original seat to a better spot lower and mid seat hanger, and attached the straps so they were outside instead of inside the seat posts (and on me). It worked well enough in the stock holes that I left it for a year - but it had little room for adjustment as it was near the end of the ratchets. Straps are in-line with the band now and it feels even more solid and comfortable as I’m no longer sitting in a sling.

  2. With straps now outside the seat posts the way was clear to put in hip pads. Small shaped minicell pads - with Velco on the back. Gives me about 1" up/down and 2" fore/aft adjustment to play with - and removable if they interfere with rotation (but don’t feel like they will as I’m not really on them until I tilt a little).

  3. I added a little more foam to the thigh braces too. Only added small pads about 5/8 thick - but big difference in grip (at least while sitting in it in the yard). I didn’t want too much pad size/thickness as this is more of a distance boat than a roller - so I don’t really want big WW style hooks - or a flatter leg position masik setup.

    Finally pulled the Velcro from the old seat off the seat pan too.

    Minor stuff, but feel a big difference in comfort (which was already good) and control. Got too late for wet test today.

    Running out of stuff to do! About all that’s left is maybe moving the seat. Up and forward a bit might make a lay-back a bit more realistic. Have to see how the latest tweaks work out first - not really eager to tackle the seat just yet (if it ain’t broke…)

    Full list so far (in order done):

    Added forward bungee, and beads to fore and aft bungees (for GP)

    Added GPS mount

    Replaced seat with IR back band

    Added North Water under deck bag

    Replaced foot pegs with full cockpit minicell (also filled cockpit space - and cut to accept end of pump)

    Replaced skeg control and cabling using SealLine trim tab kit

    Added more knee padding

    Added hip pads

    Sealed hatch cover edges and around compass (let water into covers - not hatches - minor annoyance only)

    I also have LED running light setup - but those aren’t really a modification or outfitting as they just go on under the bungees

    Pictures of most of this stuff on webshots:

sounds nice!
You want a tip for a foam clip to lock that pump in place or are you happy with it right now.

Thanks to Bnystrom for showing me how.

Pump fits in snugly

– Last Updated: May-30-04 1:13 AM EST –

The big wedge of minicell in the front of the cockpit has a pump sized cutout at the top (should have taken another picture with the pump out). There are a few inches of the pump that stick in there - and it is quite snug. Stays in place without the under deck bag. Easy enough to pull out - but can't fall out.

Alway interested to see what others do as well.

Please share…
I’m interested…

Rear Coaming
Nice mods there, Greyak; particularly the Seal Line trim tab for skeg control. Curious if any QCC owners out there are annoyed by the rear coaming being so close to the seat back, and if so, what have you done? I too, jettisoned the Rapidpulse seat for an IR backband, and located the straps to the outside (much better). For fast workouts, I just release the ratchets, and push the band out of the way completely for better rotation. However, all other times the coaming digs in painfully. Layback rolls hurt the most, as the deck height is quite high in comparison to my other boat. I tried a six inch length of tubular foam pipe insulation hooked over the coaming, but it interferes with the fit of my sprayskirt. Any suggestions?


– Last Updated: May-30-04 1:27 PM EST –

I don't hit the coaming at all normal paddling. If I stretch back it hits, but usually on bottom edge of PFD. My coaming is about 4" back (from front of back band). It is a pretty hard edge, and would be nice if they had put a bit larger radius on the edge of it at the back.

Several people have moved the seat. Moving it forward and also raising the seat up off the bottom should make a lay-back more comfortable if you are OK giving up some stability.

I am curious how much people have moved their seats and how much improvement they got. Also - how hard was it to cut lose - and what did you put under it to raise it - or did you replace it?

Hey Chris…It sounds like you’re
making real progress on making your kayak the perfect fit for you!

I, on the other hand, am just beginning the mighty struggle.

I took out the Rapidpulse seat and installed a NSI whitewater backband, attaching it on the inside of the seat using the holes the factory drilled. I ordered the NSI seat with the bungies instead of the “power posts”. I’ve got several problems with that setup, not the least is that the backband rotates 180 degrees backwards when getting into the cockpit. Besides that problem, I’m going to move the straps to the factory holes in the seat column on the OUTSIDE, hoping that will give me some more room for adjustment. If that doesn’t work, then I’ll have to drill holes mid column like I did on my 500.

I have been sitting in the seat pan with no cushion, and within 15 minutes, my butt and legs start tingling and eventually go numb. That’s problem #2 to fix. I may end up cutting the seat pad out of the Rapidpulse seat, get my wife to sew it closed, and try that. I haven’t even thought about modifying my skeg using the greyak method, but I eventually will, once I get the boat comfortable enough to sit in for a while!

Keep up the good work…and thanks for letting us know!!


Seat pan
Really, the changes so far were minor. Easy to do - little commitment (and pretty much all reversible) - but relatively big payoff with each. Even the skeg turned out to be easy - but I got lucky on that plan.

I’m on the raw seat pan too - have been for almost a year. I find very comfortable - but with a narrow margin. If I am not all the way back in the seat - (like trying to be more forward by shortening up the back band) the front edge will hit under my thigh and start to impact circulation. If I’m all the way back in the pan - it’s great. Was more noticeable when I had pegs and feet had to stay in one spot - one way - all the time. I thought about using the stock pad too - but pan has been good enough. Also tried a SealLine thigh cushion - which works well for the leg comfort - but I didn’t like the bulk in the cockpit - or the way it affected leg motion. Didn’t have any use for it after the foot brace change and sold it.

I’m curious to see how my newly repositioned back band effects this (shouldn’t really). Off to test that and the rest of yesterday’s tweaks now…

Nice hip pads…
where did you get them? I have no problem with the back band or seat,but the backs of my legs kill me after 1-2 hours. I have tried all kinds of adjustments to seat,and foot pegs on my 700. The only thing that works for me is blowing up my paddle float,and stuffing under my legs. It looks like you have tried several things,and could you suggest something that would hold up my legs,but not prevent easy entrance.I am big enough to fit snug in the seat ,but still would like hip pads for ease of rolling. Thanks Greyak for your help.

Happy Paddling billinpa


I’d do the same for th I except that’d make Sally INTOLERABLY faster than me -who is, still, at best, only half-fast on that thing…

Now for you and your continuing quest for , that way, you go a lot -a WHOLE lot -faster than you already go (and -except for the I, it’s plenty better than half-fast, LOL!) when you get out there and really crank it as you

Paddle On!

-Frank in Miami

Great Ideas…but…
where did you get the kayak rack in the pictures? Is it free standing? or does it mount to a wall?

from $20 in parts from Home Depot. Cradles operate like Talic sport saddles (made from a ladder bracket if I reall) - with the kayak on the straps, not the arms - the arms are there to hold teh straps. Whloe thing sits atop a SOLOFLEX frame (hey, at least I don’t just use it as a clothes rack! Can still use the bench for dumbells - with boat on it) so it is free standing.

from teh footbrace/cockpit filler project.

If you dont have some minicell and a piece of Dragon Skin - you’re missing all the fun!