more slime ?

everyday can be
St. Patricks day. Erin go braless!

Even if the water was blue,
looks like a dreadful place to live. Massive power lines, cookie-cutter houses, and little vegetation.

During the CYC Race to Mackinac sailboat race this past weekend, one of the racers tweeted in the night they could tell they were approaching Northern Michigan because they could smell the pine trees.


Earth’s Data Kollected

– Last Updated: Aug-06-16 9:30 AM EST –

(Some slime nor reason in sight, I suppose.)

Everything's a movin'!
Everest uplifts!
You can water down Minerva's garden
but her plates on shelves will shift.

Tsunami, he'll come rollin' in.
You can head for higher ground.
But with pyroclastic moment spastic
the mountain she comes down!

Them's big ice cubes floatin' in the pond.
On board's arctic itinerant.
Is it global warming that brought barely storming
this try-polar whitish tint?

Or whiter shade of pale some sang.
You know that harem, I never thanked 'em!
While the green-eyed monster envy of our sponsor
sings the blues in Phylo's Plankton.

I was
gonna eat dinner …

river’s end


also news of Zika in NE NE

in depth

I swam in the Edisto a couple of
months ago. Got a nasty ear infection.

My water garden has had several algae blooms this summer. The goldfish are fine. They eat algae.