Morning Canoe Sail

After a somewhat strenuous paddle on Sunday, sometimes it’s nice to let a breeze do all the work.



Yep. I ride wind up small rapid sets…The small rivers/creeks all flow north here–And that’s where the tailwinds comes from most times(And a real bone chiller during winter, I can tell ya :wink:Things open-up a bit downstream at the same spot–Here’s another pic with a different boat(skin on frame).

What are you using for a mast?

Oh, it’s not obvious? Tarp. Hand stitched(I’m lousy with sewing) a hot glue gun, and black duct tape, about six dollars worth of grommets. Lug sail, handmade plywood leeboard. Mast thwart a few feet back from bow. Mast step is epoxied to bottom of hull. No rudder, I prefer to use a paddle for steering…

Wow…Sorry, just realized your question was about a mast (and not sail --The spars are all local softwood saplings from surrounding woods, shaved clean with a drawknife and coated with a bit of varnish…

Thanks. I have a similar setup, put together some 50 years ago. For the mast I used a 2" round spruce rod, back when 2" from the lumber yard meant 2", with the thwart and step set up to accommodate it. The mast snapped a few years back and I haven’t been able to find a satisfactory replacement. I might just have to go into the forest and see what I can find!

With 2-by-4s averaging about four bucks a piece these days, it’s certainly the most economic solution :wink:

In case you hadn’t guessed, I’m a big proponent of DIY and fun not costing a lot.