Morning Paddle

Paddled off the bulkhead this morning in a light rain. I was stiff and not in a good mood to paddle but things loosened up and the mood improved. Found a nearly swamped dinghy behind a much neglected sail boat. We’ve had a lot of rain lately. There was a bailing bucket in the dinghy so I bailed it down to the normal neglected inside water stain line and left it better than I found it. It was a good paddle in glassy water. Temps water and air 60 degrees. Its one of those days you are wet inside and outside of your splash jacket.

Nice story

Nothing like a fine rain to improve the mood (in FL), along with your ‘good deed for the day’.
I mention ‘in FL’, because it’s nice to get it once in a while (at least enough to keep those droughts away).
On the other hand, winter in the Seattle area (a previous residence) is dreary with more than a fair amount of those cloudy days and cold rains. I don’t like that kind of rain, don’t think it’s a mood improver.

@Overstreet said: It was a good paddle in glassy water.

Indeed, it is a rare event on a rainy day paddle that my glasses remain dry (even with a rain hat, on breezy, rainy days I need windshield wipers for the glasses).

I got out for a late afternoon paddle on Saturday - air temps were in the 40’s, but in southern New England we are starting to get ice on the lakes, ponds, and the quiet parts of rivers.

Ice on the river

Sunday was in the 40’s again and it rained all day. Today (Monday) would be a great day to paddle, but I have to work :expressionless:

Similar weather in SW Michigan with air and water temps in the 40’s. No ice on rivers but ponds and small lakes have thin ice with ducks and geese standing around.