Morro Bay, California

We are headed down the coast early July and would like to kayak in the Morro Bay area for a day. Would like to get advice on rentals (no sit on tops, please) and places to stay (B and B, hotel/motel/notell).



Call Central Coast Kayaks in Shell Beach

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They may rent you a sit in inisde kayak, but probably not if you are not experienced ocean paddler. They are a way from Morro Bay. Good idea to take a trip with them. In Morro bay I doubt there is anybody there who rents SINKS. SOTS are about all that is available. If you are not an experienced ocean paddler get some instruction before venturing out of the bay. In summer it's probably not bad, but you can find yourself over your head in a hurry. For paddling in the bay SOTs will work just fine so I would not worry about being a boat snob for a day.

If you don't have your reservations now at the best spots early July is already booked in Morro Bay.

Morro Bay paddling
Ditto what seadart wrote–call Paul at CCK if you want a sit-inside. Shell Beach is half an hour south of MB. The only “sit-insides” at Morro Bay are the huge cockpit, plastic rec boats. Any motel/hotel there in town will suit your needs.

Really though, like he said, a SOT is fine for the bay. If you’re looking for some ocean paddling, check out Montana de Oro, but be aware of our strong afternoon northwesterlies. They come up in a hurry.

Good advice posted above…
and would add that at SOT is your best option…unless you have necessary complete gear for a sit inside. Water is COLD…full wetsuit is what I wear. Water can change quickly, be careful of the rip tides if tossed (think leash), rocks in Hazard Canyon area, depending on the winds, waves could be a consideration. Unless you are an experienced ocean paddler with cold water gear, my vote is also a SOT and wearing a wet suit. THere are 2 places right next to the marina area in Morrow Bay…google time.

Shell beach sounds like the folks I went with once a few years back. They only had SOTs. I did a cave tour with them.

I appreciate the advice given. We will look into renting something there; either at Shell Beach or just a putter about the inner harbor on a SOT.

Thanks again for your time responding. Yea! Summer is here!!

Where to stay
We always stay at Pleasant Motel in Morro Bay. It is modest, clean, reasonably priced, all no smoking and even allows pets. We have no pets, but don’t notice any down side.

Their number is 888-772-8521

The theatre in town is the greatest! For Breakfast, Dorn’s.

It sounds like we go there more often than I realized!

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