Mosquito Hammock

I am considering a hammock and ran upon this website:

Anyone know anything about these hammocks? the jungle model looks really cool. Are these comparable to a Hennessy?

Stacey Needham

Claytor JH
I received one this week. It looks to be a quality piece. You do not enter it like a Hennesey ie from the bottom, but from the side. I have only hung it in the garage so far. For more info go to the following website:

Another you may want to look at is the Warbonnet Blackbird.

Clark Knockoff
These look much more like the Clarks Jungle Hammock than a Hennessy.

home made
Here is just one example, but there are lots to be found online. . .

Saves some money, but means more work. Might make a nice winter project.

another great site

another site