Mosquito Lagoon - Canaveral Seashore

We’re coming up from S FL and would like to visit the Canaveral National Seashore and paddle in the Mosquito Lagoon. Are recreational type kayaks suitable for the entire lagoon? I understand that there are some sandy beaches to launch from.

Any other places in the area that rec kayaks would be okay for?

C’mon down!

Mosquito lagoon is very shallow, largely protected waters. Any rec or touring boat will love it. There is access on many small sand roads and by the bridges. Ask any fisherman, they’ll guide you.

I belive the Tomoka River is in the area, and I hear it’s a fine paddle. I missed going with a group last weekend.



rec boats
i’ve been in the lagoon with a 9.5’ sundance. i had no trouble and alot of fun. But some friends were with me and they had 15’ and 17’ kayaks and i couldnt keep up with them in the longer stretches

good news, thanks
i’ll be at the CC National SeaShore in about 3 weeks post the Sweetwater Symposium, glad to know good paddling is there…ever see a manatee there?

i’ve seen several manatee there. i think they are mostly inland this time of year though they may be in the lagoon. i also had a dolphin swim around me in haulover canal. this canal connects mosquito lagoon and indian river. if you wander into any canals, you may also see wild bore. ive been around haulover canal area and also orange island area. there are fish that jump in and out of the water. i always wondered when one would land in my kayak.

mosquito ??
personally, i wouldn’t go anywhere near a place called “mosquito laggoon” i once went hiking to a lake in the canadian rockies called “mosquito lake” and let me tell ya, they weren’t kidding. i didn’t even put the tent down … i escaped the area as quick as my pack laden body would run and still lost about a pint.

Mosquito lagoon
Very true, it is aptly named. But if you can stand wearing lots of repellant, it is a great place to view wildlife and/or go fishing.

You can put in at the Haulover canal, and take your pick of the Indian River or moquito Lagoon. Depending on the wind direction, the great thing is most times at least one of those bodies of water has a good calm shore (great for beginners like myself.) Once had a pod of Bottle-nose Dolphins crashing small fish in shallow water, just two feet from the kayak!

With ecxeption of marked channels, it’s all Manatee zone, so power boats have to crawl along (which gives them extra time to see the beginner kayaker like myself!)

Paddles with Manatees
We were able to paddle with the manatees late last fall, at Blue Springs State Park:

Not too far from the Cape Canaveral area, the short river in the park hosts as many as a hundred manatees this time of year. Canoe rentals are available on-site, or you could probably launch your own boat nearby.

Besides the manatees (isn’t that enough?), we also paddled the source of the spring itself, the short river, and part of the St. Johns River, into which the spring empties. Classic semi-tropical flora and fauna, lush and almost prehistoric.

not too bad
This time of year bugs are minimal during the day. Last night and tonight are seeing a freeze all the way to the coast so the bugs should really be beat back.

blue spring area
You can launch at the French Street ramp just downstream from the state park. The spring is packed with Manatees on this cold spell. For most of the winter they’ve been hanging out between Lake Beresford and the spring because it has been pretty warm.

Snake Creek and Hontoon Dead River are definitely worth a look-see if anyone paddles this area. Some broadleaf trees in the area (maples and ash mostly) are already leafing out and the lush green of the river bottom really contrasts the stark winter look of a lot of the area (of course the bald cypress are still quite bald). I went up Hontoon Dead River yesterday to get out of Lake Beresford since the wind was killing me in my sprint boat and Hontoon was full birds also getting out of the wind.

Mosquito Lagoon
Carol and I were up there in Haulover Canal a few weeks ago.

The manatees which are so populous in the warm weather are pretty much gone to the springs for the winter.

DeLeon Springs State Park is a great place to see them this time of the year.

Also, last time at Haulover, we went off into one of the side areas and were paddling around until I spotted a SHARK (a first, for us!) seemingly stalking us.

We left!


You’ll love it!
If you enter Canaveral Seashore from the north entrance, south of New Smyrna Beach on A1A, you can either launch at the end of the road at parking area # 5 , or from the canoe launch at parking area #7. The latter is less crowded, though neither is busy on weekdays. Probably no manatees this time of year—they’re inland—but I’ve seen dolphins and otters in the lagoon. I take my little Swifty and have a great time, but the wind can kick up waves pretty quick in this shallow lagoon, so if you have a spray skirt, take it. If the weather is warm, JB’s Fishcamp, half mile north of the park entrance, is a good place to eat outside and watch the sunset over Mosquito Lagoon. Have fun!

st pete
where would be a good place to paddle in the general st pete area - manatees, wildlife or general just plain nice place to seakkayak?