mosquito netting/suits

I plan on doing some 10,000 island and everglades

trips this spring and summer. Bugs, especially

mosquitos are a concern. Any suggestions on products such as netting and clothing is what I

am interested in. Does the netting work? is there

any special clothing or repellent that works well

Any insight would be great.

Netting works
We ended up paddling in our netting suits on one trip on Yellowstone Lake. The mosquitoes were so tenacious that they actually stayed out in full daylight and followed us out halfway into a 3-mile crossing.

One problem is that if the netting presses against your skin, the bugs will land there and bite. You can spray the netting with DEET (assuming it’s not polyester netting) and let that dry before donning the suit.

Buy a netting-equipped hat that allows the netting to stand away from your head.

Going to the “bathroom” at camp was pure hell.

Horseflies plagued us during a heat wave in Alaska. I found that the desert/sun shirts made by Ex Officio and others were adequate to prevent bites. The shirts are very baggy on me so few bites got through to my skin. They also dry incredibly quickly and prevent sunburn without having to use sunblock.

Two solutions
Original Bug Shirts work great! I highly recomend them. Yhey also do pants, but I have no expersience with them.

The other useful accessory is a Suzy Bug Net available from Cookes Custom Sewing. It is a giant moswuito-mesh (not no-see-um) bag large enough to reach from outstretched hand to outstretchrd hand to the ground (think jumping jack position). It can be used for bathroom breaks or dinner and is large enough to get two friendly folks inside.


Netting will help somewhat
But you’ll need a net-suit (including a hat-covering net)with a fine enough mesh that will keep out the no-see-ums as well.

Some other tips:

Reserve as many beach sites as you can. The breezes coming off the gulf will keep the majority of biting bugs at bay.

A smoky fire will help in keeping a lot of them off of you as long as you stay in the smoke.

Be prepared to have your camp set up and your stomache full and in your tent at least one hour before sundown if there is no breeze.

Be prepared to be sung to sleep by the high-pitched whines of the “Swamp Angels” or you’ll be hearing them all night. They will be loud.

Hopefully your tent has an entry vestibule or you’ll open the flood-gates to waves of swamp angels every time you open the tent door.

It rains in South Florida almost every day and/or night during the summer. Make sure most of your gear is waterproof and plan accordingly.

A word of warning: The heat and humidity of the area’s summers favor the insects, arachnids, and reptiles. They will all be highly active. All will see you as a threat or a meal.

I’ve been there outside the cooler months 3 times as a child and only once as an adult as a guide because I needed the money. I’ll never do that again! I think you’ll soon discover why…

Swamp angels
Yep, I remember hearing their constant drone ALL night long.

In the morning, I counted more than 60-something on just the door. I stopped counting after that.

nothing better than:

Just don’t Go!
Well that’s my thought from my childhood experiences anyway. In the summer I’d definately pick the Keys or anywhere else in the world than the everglades in summer.

I hope you have a great trip. I’m just not very optimistic about the timing.

Spring is pretty nice there, maybe you can go sooner?

I’m with Frank!
The bugs are so bad in the summer that the NPS doesn’t staff a desk for permits.

Definite yes on the Bugshirt!
this is one piece of gear that has literally kept my sanity on more than one bug infested Canadian trip. The darn critters can be a psychological nuisence at times. I clothing was a drug, this would be the equivalent of Zanax!