Mosquito repellent--(Picardin?)

I’m taking the family for two weeks to a location with lots of water—but also lots of mostquitos, including ones that carry Dengue fever and Botfly larva. As such we are going to be marinating in bug lotion for the entire time.

Not a big fan of the “natural” bug spray–The skeeters I’ve run into over the years seem to think that is is herbal seasoning. I’ve got some 30% or more Deet stuff–punp spray and wipes, but I noticed some new sprays with “Picardn” (sp?), which is supposed to work as well as Deet, but is not quite as irritating–and it doesn’t melt plastic.

Anyone have any experience with Picardan bug sprays/lotions?

It works for me I’ve been using it for 2 years now I like the Cutter advanced better than the OFF brand. Use the push to pump spray as opposed to the aerosol, it doesn’t use it up as fast. I have a heavy problem at my house. Also take a few bottles of listerine and a cheap spray bottle and spray the area it kills the buggers and is cheap.

Consider Permethrin also
Treat your clothing with Permethrin spray a week before your trip. Hats & sock cuffs too. This is the same product as found in Bug-Off clothing. I am impressed at how well it works. It is usually available at Dicks, Gander Mtn, REI, EMS and othe such stores.

I treated a hat, shirts, pantlegs, shorts cuffs, and sock cuffs with permethrin before going to Assateague earlier this year. Skeeters and flies were minimal, but it worked wonders on ticks.


Yes, and another option
I’ve used one of Cutter’s sprays with Picaridin. I think it was called “Active” or “Advanced” or “Adventure”…you get the idea. Green pressurized spray can. The reason I give the container details is that Cutter makes several picaridin sprays, with differing amounts of the active ingredient. They may not all be safe for use with lycra or plastic; read the label carefully. The stuff I used did not harm it. Smells sort of peppery, not great but not bad, either.

Another GREAT repellent is Repel Lemon Eucalyptus, available from REI. It really does repel mosquitoes, and they claim it works against deer flies also. Smells good, does not harm clothing or sunglasses (I had an expensive pair damaged from DEET at the edges of the lenses; DEET actually deforms/melts the plastic).

We used a picardin…
…based repellant where the skeeters were the worst I have ever experienced and it did work well I think it was Sawyer brand (got it at Gander) and came in a pump bottle. Just used a Cutter sport spray in a green can and it worked good but didn’t care for the waxy feel on my skin.

I was quite pleased with the new Thermacel butane repellant units. They really chase the bugs away and they tend to stay away for a couple of hours so you can shut the units off after they scoot. I take along a can of good old Deet as a backup.