most basic kayak

what is the most basic kayak?

Otters and Swifty’s, maybe for store

I was thinking the same thing. There are two otters on the private lake. They were alot more basic than my kayak.

ACME Kayaks
it would have to be in a cartoon. Why do you ask?

Rethought the question. Even more basic
than an Otter and its kissing cousins is a willow branch and cheapy blue tarp kayak. Seen it on the net, it floats. As for the basic Otter, sure, its basic, especially if you don’t get the XT, but it floats and will get you on the water and, if you aren’t too dumb, can be a pretty safe boat.

The Pamlico 140 is the most basic.

one made out of sodium hydroxide?
Extremely basic, though it’d dissolve upon launch.


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While I believe the Otter and other "simple" kayaks are quite easy to use, nothing compares to a Sit On Top design for simplicity. Let me elaborate:

1) There is no cockpit to clean out, get water out or bilge. They are incredibly easy to clean and if you swamp, turn it over.

2) Many SOT designs have molded foot beds and seating which means no adjusting and no fabric seating.

3) Most SOTs are one piece. No hatch covers, cockpit covers or other articles to lose.

4) SOTs are designed for stability and as such can be easily paddled by anyone.

5) SOTs are incredibly easy to enter and exit. Simply hop on top and roll out when you are done.

I cannot think of an easier boat to own or paddle.


All boats at
No bulkheads or hatches. No deck rigging. Usually no color. No padding on seats. That’s pretty basic.

That is the widest kayak I’ve ever seen:

And a wet butt.

But not the red ones…
…with the gray thing in the bow compartment.

Poke boats!
are easy to carry, because once you pay for them your wallet is really light.


woah !!!
the micro poke boat is WIDE. I’ve never seen anything like it !!!

another pic on the site:

quote from cooldoctor1
"The Pamlico 140 is the most basic."


Yes. Honestly.

why is it the most basic?

Acidic Comments not needed,
Opps, my bad. Your comments were not acidic after all.


Look for yourself. It just is.

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