Most/Least Favorite Paddling Magazine?

Hurleys Journal…
Was my very favorite read at one time.I lean toward the canoe tripping groups.Mr.Hurley’s writting is some of the best I have read about local and some not too far away canoe tripping.I really wish he would have kept writting and telling of his trips,tips,and ideas.

I’ve not long ago recieved a copy of the Boundary Waters Journal and liked what I’ve read so far.I’m hoping to take a trip up that way hopefully sometime in the near future.That is the main reason I ordered it.

Paddler and C&K still find their way in the door.But I mostly just read a few articles and look at the pictures.


Doesn’t the name say it all?
Just reading your comments about Sea Kayaker and scratching my head.

The Magazine is called “Sea Kayaker” and they write about… Sea Kayaking.

Clever marketing ploy or do they just simply represent themselves for what they are?

like i said
Like i said, i didnt think i described it the way i wanted it to come out.

oh well life goes on

best and worst
Seakayaker is the best and Canoe and Kayak is junk. Superficial reviews( i think that you could get more from the company). I was given a years subcription and find the magazine a joke.

long after the thrill, of livin is gone